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2016 Profiles in Terpage

A player-by-player look at Maryland's football roster, ahead of the Terps' Sept. 3 kickoff against Howard.

D.J. Turner looks for a spot at WR

He’s one of Maryland’s two freshman DeMatha wideouts, and he’s a part of the team’s future.

Profiles: Culmer will have a role at WR for Maryland

He’ll be competing for a starting spot.

Profiles: Goldbourne is athletic enough to make an impact at DE

He’s got athleticism. He just needs to add some more muscle.

Pigrome could see time at QB in 2016

He’s a freshman with tantalizing skills.

Hill should contribute at DB

He was a starter in 2014 before an injury cut his season short.

Brooks is back with experience at LB for Maryland

Injuries thrust him into a starting role in 2015, and he’ll be better off for it in 2016.

Avery Edwards is back for round 2 at TE

He was an impact player as a freshman.

Profiles: Azubuike Ukandu will have an important job

Maryland’s senior defensive tackle should have an important job.

Profiles: Brett Shepherd joins Maryland’s LBs

The three-star Georgian is an interesting prospect from a talent-rich state.

Profiles: Brown has his last shot for Maryland

He’ll get some carries this season.

Profiles: Jacobs looks to shine at WR

Two years removed from his torn meniscus, he’ll have plenty of opportunities.

A matter of when – not if – for Terrance Davis

Maryland's prized guard commit will be good. But when?

Melvin Keihn should be an impact transfer

After a year on the sidelines, it’s his time.

Profiles: Elijah Daniels, a twin who plays safety

Our march through Maryland's secondary continues.

Elisha Daniels (the CB) should be a nice player

Maryland's got twins on the way. Here's one of them!

Profiles: Egbuaba has his shot at LB

He played some on special teams last season, but there should be an opening for him at linebacker this season.

Profiles: Brian Plummer joins Maryland's line

He's a big, big kid.

Profiles: Kingsley Opara will aid Maryland’s DL

The Terps could have a four-man tackle rotation on defense, with Opara as part of it.

Profiles: Knight enters young, crowded secondary

He’s one of four freshman defensive backs from Florida.

Andrew Isaacs is healthy. Maryland will need him

Isaacs has had rotten injury luck, but don’t forget about him on Maryland’s depth chart.

Profiles: Merritt arrives at Maryland

Another blue chip lineman is looking to make an impact in College Park.

Profiles: Keiron Howard searches for his spot

The Terrapins have a crowded defensive front, and Howard is in the mix.

Profiles: Antwaine Richardson looks to prove himself

And he faces some heavy competition.

Tino Ellis can contribute immediately

He’s one of Maryland’s most skilled freshmen in years.

Profiles: Burkett is Terps’ top backup DE

He’ll get plenty of opportunities behind Roman Braglio and Jesse Aniebonam.

Harrison will fight for RB spot for Terps

He joins what is suddenly a crowded backfield.

Profiles: Shelton looks for OL playing time

He started two games last season

Collins set to finally get a role in 2016

He's been watching from the sidelines for three seasons.

Profiles: Zanotto will help, but when?

He’s got some talent, but how many linebackers will Maryland play often?

Profiles: Jacobs is Maryland's veteran WR

He's the team's best option in the passing game.

Profiles: Hayward is Maryland's blocking TE

He might not catch many passes, but he’ll be on the field pretty often.

Profiles: Jones looks to bounce back

He missed last season with an ankle injury.