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2013 Football Recruiting Big Board

Shane Cockerille Richie Anderson Lucas Wilson Jajuan Dulaney Malik Jones Jalen Brooks Milan Collins
DeAndre Lane
Derwin Gray Demetri McGill Jermaine Carter Anthony Covington
Jacquille Veii
Tanner Hartman Tevin Montgomery Derrick Hayward

Elvis Dennah
Na'Ty Rodgers Kingsley Opara Yannick Ngakoue Michael Parker
Cavon Walker Jarrett Ross


Position / HS / Hometown: RB / Thomas Johnson / Frederick, Md.

Measurables: 5-11 / 180

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-Rivals: , #20 RB
-ESPN: , 77, #50 RB
-Scout: , #77 RB
-247: , #38 all-purpose back

Other Schools: Boston College, East Carolina, Rutgers, Temple, Wake Forest

Notes: If that name sounds familiar, it should: this Anderson is the son of long-time Penn State and NFL fullback Richie Anderson, also a Frederick native. The younger Anderson is also a back, but a more well-rounded type than his pops. He's versatile enough to move out to play the slot if necessary, but I prefer him at running back myself. He doesn't have any single elite skill, but he does possess good quickness, vision, and balance, plus surprising toughness. He's probably more solid than spectacular at this point, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.


Position / HS / Hometown: LB / North Gwinnett / Suwanee, Ga.

Measurables: 6-2 / 220

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-Rivals: NR
-ESPN: , 76, #86 LB

Other Schools: Air Force, Navy, Yale

Notes: Brooks is a sleeper recruit who didn't get a lot of offers. He has good size size and could fit in as an outside linebacker in the 3-4 after a redshirt year. Looks like he plays SAM for his high school team and is fairly impressive there, showing a good nose for the ball and tackling technique. He's clearly a smart kid and hard-worker - just look at those offers, after all.


Position / HS / Hometown: LB / Friendship / Washington, D.C.

Measurables: 6-0 / 220

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-ESPN: , 75, #87 OLB
-247: , #74 OLB

Other Schools: Boston College, Colorado, Syracuse, Temple

Notes: Carter was the fourth Friendship player to pledge to the Terrapins, and the third linebacker. He has a nose for the ball and looks at his best defending the run, and strikes me as a good wrap-up tackler. He'll probably fit best on the inside in the 3-4 scheme, especially if he can add 20 pounds or so by the time he becomes a consistent contributor. He has good straight-line speed and quickness, too, so he can make tackles all over the field.


Position / HS / Hometown: QB / Gilman / Baltimore, MD

Measurables: 6-2 / 205 / 4.7 40

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-Rivals: , #15 dual-threat QB
-ESPN: , 82, #16 dual-threat QB
-Scout: , #44 QB
-247: , #23 dual-threat QB

Other Schools: Iowa, Kansas State, N.C. State, Notre Dame

Notes: Maryland offered Cockerille early, and was able to wrap up his commitment quickly as well. Good thing that they did, too, because he exploded onto the scene as an Elite 11 quarterback and one of the best signal-callers in the class. He's been nicknamed "Tebow" by his teammates, and it's almost spot-on. He has a linebackerly build and isn't afraid to run through tackles, but has good speed as well. He has a nice rhythm about him in shorter throws and is nearly a perfect QB for the spread that Maryland's building. He shares Tebow's long, wind-up motion and unorthodox style, so he'll need some time to work on mechanics. But he's one of my favorites in the class.


Position / HS / Hometown: ATH / Bishop McNamara / Forestville, Md.

Measurables: 6-2 / 190 / 4.5

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-ESPN: , 72, #120 ATH
-Scout: , #41 S
-247: , #26 dual-threat QB

Other Schools: Boston College, East Carolina, N.C. State, Rutgers, Syracuse, West Virginia

Notes: Collins is a natural quarterback, but has the athleticism to move elsewhere - something that I'd expect him to do. I don't expect him to outgun guys like Caleb Rowe and Perry Hills, who have a year of development on him, or an Elite 11 guy like Shane Cockerille. It seems likely he'll end up as a safety, given he's one of the few DBs in this class. No matter where he ends up, though, he's another relatively well-regarded local prospect, which makes it all that much easier to craft the narrative to others down the road.


Position / HS / Hometown: S / Annapolis Area Christian / Annapolis, Md.

Measurables: 6-4 / 205

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-ESPN: , 73. #96 OLB
-Scout: n/a
-247: , #124 S

Other Schools: --

Notes: Another under-the-radar type, Dennah plays linebacker for his high school team but will almost certainly end up in the secondary for Maryland. He has good size and decent speed for safety, and he looks like a real asset defending the run. He may have some adjusting to do to coverage and playing that far back, but with so few safeties on the roster he has a very good chance at playing time.


Position / HS / Hometown: OT / McEachern / Power Springs, Ga.

Measurables: 6-4 / 255

Videos: n/a

Rankings and Profiles:
-ESPN: , 75, #59 G
-Scout: , #69 OT
-247: , #110 OT

Other Schools: Cincinnati, East Carolina, Marshall

Notes: Dulaney was a bit under-the-radar when he committed, but he's a versatile and highly athletic lineman and I like him a lot. He's generally considered an offensive tackle, but some think he'll be better suited to guard at the next level thanks to his athleticism - he's great on pulls and traps and able to get down the field easily. If Gray ends up as the LT of the future across from Mike Madaras at RT, it could be that Dulaney and Nick Brigham man the guard spots. Worst case scenario, he provides very high-quality depth at multiple spots.


Position / HS / Hometown: OT / Friendship Collegiate / Washington, D.C.

Measurables: 6-4 / 291

Videos: n/a

Rankings and Profiles:
-Rivals: , #6 OT, #70 overall
-ESPN: , 82, #25 OT
-Scout: , #7 OT, #79 overall
-247: , #5 OT, #44 overall

Other Schools: Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Florida St., Michigan State, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Penn St., Rutgers, Syracuse, Tennessee, West Virginia

Notes: Gray was a gigantic commitment, especially because he pulled the trigger early in the class and could have a snowball effect with other locals. He emerged as one of the best local prospects on the board in 2013, and an athletic freak only a notch below someone like Bruce Campbell. He's quite raw and needs a lot of development, but someone with his size, strength, quickness, and athleticism isn't common. He has the potential to be a very good pass protector and an elite run blocker, on either the left or the right.


Position / HS / Hometown: OL / Liberty / Lynchburg, Va.

Measurables: 6-4 / 255

Videos: --

Rankings and Profiles:
-ESPN: , 69, #89 OG
-Scout: n/a
-247: , #64 strong-side DE

Other Schools: Richmond, Temple

Notes: Hartman's a Virginia Tech legacy, but mostly had low-level offers at the time of his commitment. His size and versatility mean he could end up almost anywhere on either line, though I'd guess that offensive is more likely with his weight at the moment. I haven't seen any video of him, but he was a camp offer, so it just comes down to trusting the staff's evaluation (not like you have any choice).


Position / HS / Hometown: LB / Wicomico / Salisbury, Md.

Measurables: 6-5 / 195

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-ESPN: , 77, #68 OLB
-Scout: , #50 DE
-247: , #42 OLB

Other Schools: Boston College, Navy, Rutgers

Notes: This one was a bit of a surprise at the time, as Hayward's recruitment had been a quiet one. He's hugely versatile and significantly athletic, although he needs to add a good amount of weight and will probably need a redshirt year. He's a good, not great, pass-rusher, but should be able to grow into coverage and is very active all over the field. Screams strong-side 'backer to me, but could be a Kenny Tate-esque rover-type.


Position / HS / Hometown: OT/DE / Dunbar / Baltimore, Md.

Measurables: 6-4 / 236

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-Scout: NR

Other Schools: UTEP

Notes: Jones is, like Hartman, a pretty versatile character, able to play either OT or DE. He seems to have been recruited for DE, though, and he has a very good frame to play there. He's a bit light to see early playing time in the 3-4, but his athleticism and quickness is a pretty rare commodity. In fact, he could perhaps end up as a weak-side rush 'backer without much worry.


Position / HS / Hometown: ATH / Catonsville / Baltimore, Md.

Measurables: 5-8 / 170 / 4.4

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-ESPN: , 68, #83 CB
-247: , #127 ATH

Other Schools: --

Notes: Maryland was Lane's first offer, and he jumped on it right away. He's a small guy but with lightning speed, which will be somewhat of a recurring theme in this class. He could end up at any number of positions, which is something that will probably be decided when he gets on campus. He's dangerous enough with the ball in his hands to end up at running back or as a receiver in the slot; he could end up on defense, too, as an undersized cornerback. He definitely seems to have potential to be a return man no matter where he ends up. Not sure he'll be an everydown player at any position, but could be a difference-maker at the right spots.


Position / HS / Hometown: LB / Friendship Collegiate / Washington, D.C.

Measurables: 6-2 / 225

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-Rivals: , #15 OLB, #232 overall
-ESPN: , 78, #28 ILB
-Scout: , #13 ILB, #282 overall
-247: , #21 ILB

Other Schools: Auburn, Clemson, Colorado, Florida, Florida St., Georgia Tech, Michigan, North Carolina, N.C. State, Notre Dame, Ohio St., Oklahoma, Penn St., Pitt, Purdue, Rutgers, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Washington, West Virginia

Notes: Ngakoue probably my favorite defensive player in the class, a blas to watch on film and an almost perfect fit for Maryland's 3-4 defense. An absolute athletic freak, he looks and plays bigger than his listed 6-2, 225, but he doesn't lack for quickness. He's relentless in pursuit and looks like a monster on the pass rush. Given his size some scouts think he fits in best in the middle or as a strong-side linebacker, but I think his best position will actually be on the weak-side, which is basically the Designated Pass Rusher in Maryland's new 3-4. Much of his game is still raw, but the pass-rushing isn't. He'll be a terror coming off the edge immediately, and the position will hide some of his flaws while he hones the rest of his game. Oh, and his name is "Yannick Ngakoue," which is cool.


Position / HS / Hometown: DT / Mandarin / Jacksonville, Fl.

Measurables: 6-4 / 270

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-ESPN: , 74, #71 DT
-Scout: , #76 DT
-247: , #60 DT

Other Schools: Wake Forest, West Virginia

Notes: Maryland's had to stick around the area for the most part this year, but Opara is one of the few out-of-towners the staff had success with. It's a weak class for defensive tackles and even tougher for Maryland, given that they need someone who can fit at the more physically-demanding nose tackle spot. Opara doesn't look all that quick or penetrative, but he's a big kid who looks well-equipped to be a space-eater, which is something you really need to have on the front line in a 3-4.


Position / HS / Hometown: CB / Wilmington Charter / Wilmington, DE

Measurables: 5-10 / 181 / 4.43

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-ESPN: , 73, #74 CB
-Scout: , #71 CB
-247: , #99 CB

Other Schools: --

Notes: One word: speed. Ross has it in bunches. He ran a 4.43 as a sophomore, and was the fastest man at a loaded underclassman combine last year. Is it unrealistic to expect him to be under 4.4 before he even steps on campus? I could see it. Credit where it's due to Randy Edsall: he said he needed more speed, and boy did he land some here. He's raw and will need to work on his cornerback skills to become more than just a pure sprinter, but he has one elite tool in his quicks. Ross was Maryland's first commitment, and has a brother in College Park already, running back Brandon.


Position / HS / Hometown: ATH / Avalon / Gaithersburg, Md.

Measurables: 5-10 / 173

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-ESPN: , 74, #87 RB
-247: , #129 CB

Other Schools: Boston College, Iowa, Ohio

Notes: Veii's pretty similar to another Terps commit, DeAndre Lane. He's a bit small but lightning-quick, and could end up either at corner or at almost any skill position on offense. I'd guess he'd be a free role type in Maryland's spread, moving between the slot and the backfield depending on the package.


Position / HS / Hometown: LB / Friendship Collegiate / Washington, D.C.

Measurables: 6-2 / 215

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-Scout: , #97 OLB
-247: , #39 weak-side DE

Other Schools: Houston, N.C. State, Purdue

Notes: Gray and Ngakoue get all the pub' from Friendship, but Walker is worthy of some talk all his own. He missed his entire junior year due to injury, but was super-productive as a sophomore and possesses top-notch athleticism. He'll likely be an outside 'backer in Maryland's scheme, probably on the strong side where he'll be asked to do a lot of different things instead of just rushing the passer. He might be a bit of a work in progress right now, but there's plenty to build on.


Position / HS / Hometown: CB / Mallard Creek / Charlotte, N.C.

Measurables: 5-11 / 195

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-Rivals: , #52 CB
-ESPN: , 76, #45 S
-Scout: , #52 CB
-247: , #89 ATH

Other Schools: Miami, N.C. State, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest

Notes: Maryland resides in Covington's top three, along with N.C. State and Wake Forest, so they should have a good shot here. He's a big and physical DB, probably more of a safety than a corner but he has the measurables to pull off either one. Not sure about his corner technique and ball skills, but he loves to use his size to try to overpower smaller players - and he's not averse to laying the lumber when he can.


Position / HS / Hometown: DT / Ocean Lakes / Virginia Beach, Va.

Measurables: 6-2 / 297

Videos: --

Rankings and Profiles:
-ESPN: , #81 DT
-Scout: , #56 DT
-247: , #44 DT

Other Schools: Cincinnati, UConn, ECU, Marshall, Ohio

Notes: McGill's a big guy blessed with rare size, which is a nice thing to have in Maryland's new scheme. Like many of the defensive linemen Maryland's pursued in this class, McGill is more a space-eater than someone who's going to make things happen on his own, but that's exactly what Brian Stewart's likely looking for. He's visited Maryland already, and depending on what you think of the Big East UMD is probably his best offer.


Position / HS / Hometown: DT / Tabor / Marion, Ma.

Measurables: 6-5 / 295

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-Rivals: , #32 DT
-ESPN: , 75, #89 OT
-Scout: , #50 DT
-247: , #29 DT

Other Schools: Boston College, UConn, Missouri, Rutgers, Temple, Vanderbilt, Virginia

Notes: Maryland has more than a few Northeast connections on the staff, and they've unsurprisingly looked to recruit up there quite a bit (nabbing Abner Logan last year). Montgomery is one of the few high schoolers who has the size right now to play nose tackle in a BCS conference. That's tough to find, and it would be a nice boost for a defense still trying to find the pieces for the new scheme. He's more a space-eater than anything else at this point, but given that that's exactly what the nose tackle is supposed to do in this scheme, that's a good thing.


Position / HS / Hometown: ATH / Kettle Run / Nokesville, VA

Measurables: 6-4 / 200 / 4.6

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-Rivals: , #12 safety, #152 overall
-ESPN: , 83, #24 ATH, #229 overall
-Scout: , #16 S, #236 overall
-247: , #34 ATH

Other Schools: Illinois, Miami, N.C. State, Ohio St., Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech

Notes: Parker's an interesting case; he (very publicly) committed to Maryland some time ago, but none of the four major recruiting services ever chalked him up as a commitment and it seemingly just went away over time, with some citing grade concerns. It's a strange situation, but he clearly likes (or liked) Maryland and is hugely talented, with great size to play safety. If his grades are indeed in order, he's a potential game-changer at the safety spot.


Position / HS / Hometown: OT / McDonough / Pomfret, MD

Measurables: 6-4 / 260

Videos: [1]

Rankings and Profiles:
-Rivals: , #21 OT, #212 nationally
-ESPN: , 81, #29 OT
-Scout: , #33 G
-247: , #19 OT

Other Schools: Arkansas, Clemson, Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pitt, Rutgers, South Carolina, Tennessee, USC, Virginia, Vanderbilt, Washington

Notes: Derwin Gray was a big get for Maryland on the offensive line, and adding Rodgers as well would give the Terrapins two potential cornerstone tackles. Rodgers has great size and good push off the line, and while he fits better outside he could move to guard as well. Maryland's thought to be in his top grouping, but there's plenty of competition and the recruitment likely won't end any time soon. How Maryland performs on the field will likely be a big factor.


Position / HS / Hometown: TE / Mt. Tabor / Winston-Salem, N.C.

Measurables: 6-5 / 226

Videos: n/a

Rankings and Profiles:
-ESPN: , 77, #12 TE
-Scout: , #26 TE
-247: , #35 TE

Other Schools: East Carolina, N.C. State, South Florida, Tennessee, Wake Forest

Notes: Maryland just recently offered the receiving tight end, which makes some sense; they've brought in only one TE in the past two years, and will be losing plenty of depth this season. He'll need to add size to reach his top-flight level as a blocker, but with a spread scheme that's a bit less important than it would be otherwise.