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Maryland women's basketball coach Brenda Frese's full remarks at Big Ten media day

A full transcript of the Maryland head coach's comments to assembled media.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland head women's basketball coach Brenda Frese addressed assembled media at the Big Ten's annual basketball press event in Chicago on Thursday. Here's a full transcript of her remarks, via the league:

Opening Statement: Yeah. Well, good morning, and great to be here. Obviously, last season for us, first year in the Big Ten, was a special year for us, and I know as a group we are really looking forward to this upcoming season. You know, we're going to be led this year by our veterans, which will be our four seniors. And love the fact that they have so much experience. When you talk about back-to-back Final Fours, they've done a tremendous job leading this team. Returning three starters, again, just the experience that we were able to receive last year. And then, you know, being led by our two juniors, Shatori Walker-Kimbrough and Brionna Jones, were named to the first-team All-Big Ten as well as had tremendous summers with USA Basketball. Both were able to go over and play international competition in the World University Games as well as the Pan American Games. So that experience to our team, we're really looking forward to. And then we welcome our two McDonald's All-Americans coming in, our two freshmen, Kiah Gillespie out of Connecticut and Brianna Fraser out of New York.

Q. I know last year you got to play Iowa at home. Now you get to go to your home area. Have you discussed that with your family? Are you excited about that opportunity to go and compete in your home area?

COACH FRESE: Oh, have we discussed it? I mean, even before the schedule came out two years ago, that's all they've been talking about. So, yeah, you know, the summer was spent at my family's home with renovations and to make sure that it's up to par to be able to bring the team over for a team dinner. So, yeah, it's going to be a tremendous game. You know, if you saw my big extended family of five other siblings and my parents and all of my cousins that live in Iowa -- I don't know. We might have more fans in Iowa with the number of people that we'll be bringing.

Q. So a year under your belt. What is the biggest adjustment you feel that you have to make to be a part of this Big Ten Conference? What is the main thing in order to stay dominant that you have to preach to your kids that you have to do every single day?

COACH FRESE: Well, you know, I think the first thing is I think our adjustment went really well when you talk about last season. So, you know, for us, it's always just been our standards and our mindset. So not so much per se because, you know -- the one thing I'll say coming into the Big Ten, it was an awesome experience. The crowds, the Big Ten Network, you know, unbelievable in terms of what we were able to experience. So that, you know -- we love the fact. And, you know, for us it's just -- it's a standard in terms of how we want to play every time we step out on the floor. And I think for us that's the biggest thing.

Q. You had established rivals in the ACC, I mean, years-long rivals. How do you see rivalries growing within the Big Ten, and who do you see as a rival right now?

COACH FRESE: Yeah, you know, I think that's the biggest thing that probably needs to get established, and I think for our fans as well, you know, is kind of trying to understand, you know, a lot of those names. I think as those develop within the league, I think your rivals kind of become those teams that, you know, really are really competitive games and competitive teams. Obviously, for us last year, you know, the competition was terrific, you know. Ohio State pushed us, so many teams pushed us to the limits, you know, when you talk about matching up every night.

Q. Coach, I remember this time last year, the players that were here were talking about making the Final Four but remaining hungry. Made another Final Four. What is the mindset of the student-athletes after going to back-to-back Final Fours? And what's the mantra?

COACH FRESE: What I think I love the most is, like I spoke of to begin, is our seniors. They're the ones that carry the torch and they pass it down. So when you talk about this group, all they know how to do is work. You know, they've dedicated from the first year when they came in and stayed both sessions of summer school. They have that workmanlike mentality. And when you're able to pass that down, now going into year 14 of your program and it's the players and their consistency and their work ethic and their habits that really kind of establish what your season's going to look like.

Q. Wanted to bounce off that work ethic, because it's obvious when you watch the strong fundamentals of your team out there, but you also know how to have a lot of fun. And we've seen a lot of the videos that you've been a part of and produced. I'm wondering how you set that culture of understanding when it's time to work, you work; but at the same time, I can flip the switch, we can have a good time. How do you do that?

COACH FRESE: You know, I think it's -- I mean, it's one of the things that truly matters to me, when you talk about work hard and have fun. And I think you can't lose the element of just the amount of time that your student-athletes put in to be their best. And so, you know, I think for us I just never want to lose that element. I always want to be childlike. I always want to embrace these moments. And I hope it's the moments in the locker room, it's the moments when we're traveling together, that those are the memories that our players take with them and that they're going to remember for a lifetime.