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Maryland women's basketball is a top contender in the NCAA Tournament

The Testudo Times Podcast goes in-depth on Maryland's road in the Big Dance.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

It's the 41st episode of the Testudo Times Podcast, in which we break down the path ahead for Maryland's outstanding women's basketball team. The Terps are playing in the same tournament as Connecticut and therefore don't have a simple road to a national title, but they're in the sport's second tier of contenders (with UConn making up the top tier all by itself, of course). This promises to be an interesting few weeks, starting over the weekend in College Park.

(Here's the equivalent podcast on the men's team.)

Noah Niederhoffer and I preview the team, the big players, the matchups and their road to a third straight Final Four. Can they do it? They certainly have the talent and the mentality to do so, so Noah and I talk about whether they can.

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