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Photo gallery: Maryland women's basketball clinches Big Ten title with win vs. Minnesota

The Terps' 110-77 win -- and second-straight Big Ten title -- captured in still form.

What a night this was for the Maryland women's basketball team.

From the very beginning, from when the warmups stopped and the players formed a line by the bench, there was a nostalgic atmosphere in the air. Nostalgic, not only because this was just like last year, when the Terps took home a Big Ten title, but also because four Maryland seniors were playing their last regular season game in a Terrapins uniform.

Chloe Pavlech, Malina Howard, Brene Moseley and Tierney Pfirman are all graduating seniors, and this is their last season with the Terps. As Brenda Frese hugged all of them, and also gave them their framed jerseys, it was emotional. However, once all of the bittersweet sadness was gone, the Terps locked in, ready to capture their second straight Big Ten title.

What a way to go out for Pfirman, who put up a career game with an excellent performance. With 27 points, she was one of the players that controlled the game for the Terps. Not to mention, the other seniors, including Pavlech, Howard and Moseley, put up last memorable performances. It was the Terps who had complete domination in the game, barely allowing Minnesota the chance to shoot.

In the closing minutes came a sadness. The seniors walked off after playing their final regular season minutes, and they first hugged their beloved head coach, then held their teammates in a tight embrace.

Then came the title. The arena was so loud it was hard to hear what was going on around me. Players jumped up and down, screaming with joy and excitement. As they joined in a huddle, and then a hug, they posed for pictures. Multiple players started to cry.

The Terps finished with an impressive 27-3 record on the season, and their second straight Big Ten title.