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Maryland women's basketball photo gallery: Terps beat Central Connecticut State

Scenes from Maryland's win vs. Central Connecticut State

The Maryland women's basketball team is inspirational. Seeing what these girls do never fails to amaze me.

During warm-ups, they're hanging out, having fun and talking with TEAM IMPACT member Ashlyn Barrett prior to the game. This girl has become their inspiration, and they have also changed her life by making her a legitimate member of the team. They are genuinely happier when she is around, and they love spending time with her. This Maryland team is a class act.

When starting lineups are announced, each of them have a handshake before going out onto the court. Chloe Pavlech is by far one of the most excited and enthusiastic athletes I have seen; she is also classy and passionate about the game and is always looking to improve. She's a natural born leader out there.

When the Terps tipped off, they stormed right out of the gate and ran away with this one. Impressive performances from Pierman and Jones surprised me, and what was even more shocking is how Maryland seemed to allow only one basket through the first few minutes of the game. Yes, the score was 15-2 at one point and only grew from there.

Brenda Frese is always standing up and talking to the players, while she also constructively talks to each of them and tells them what to do. She's never angry with them, and she helps them improve while also praising them at the right times. She is really the best Maryland coach in a while.

Nevertheless, i was impressed with Kiah Gillespie, who put on a clinic after breaking out of a small funk. She was absolutely phenomenal and on fire out there. Kristen Confroy also did a great job, even diving for the ball at one point, giving Maryland possession after a jump ball. She's a great all-around player who never fails to surprise me game in and game out.

Brene Moseley is as strong as ever, and she always has a smile on her face. There's not one moment where she isn't leading her teammates and serving as one of the most exciting players on the court.

Overall, this team is something special, and fans should really look out for the Women's team. They're absolutely dominant and can balance work and play. They're also pretty cool, and they have class. Need I say more?