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Here's Maryland head football coach DJ Durkin's full contract

The full agreement between Maryland and its head football coach.

Sung Min Kim/Testudo Times

When he was hired in December, the University of Maryland quickly released a memorandum of understanding with the major financial details of its contract with new head football coach DJ Durkin.

The memorandum was designed to stand in as a contract until the formal, final contract's completion. Maryland and Durkin have finished that contract negotiation now, and the university passed it along after a public records request from Testudo Times.

Durkin's contract is for five years, but it becomes a six-year deal as long as Durkin is still in his job on the day after the 2016 regular season concludes. He'll make $12.5 million for the first five years and has a series of bonuses for Big Ten championships, bowl games and College Football Playoff appearances.

Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson and university president Wallace Loh entered into the agreement for Maryland. CAA Sports, according to the contract, represented Durkin. You can see the document below: