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Maryland football coach DJ Durkin is bringing high energy to spring practices

DJ Durkin is taking the energy level 'through the roof' at spring practices this year, which is a new experience for much of the Maryland football squad.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports


Durkin Bringing an Energy Boost to Spring Football Practice - InsideMDSports
Players have noticed an obvious increase in energy and pace under new head coach DJ Durkin.

DJ Durkin’s high-energy style apparent in Maryland’s first spring practices - The Diamondback
"The energy is way up since last year," WR D.J. Moore said. "Like every time we step in the door, everything's just loud, going crazy, but organized at the same time."

Maryland football’s ‘energy is through the roof’ as spring practice opens-Washington Post
The players can convey the new atmosphere surrounding Maryland Football better than I ever could. Maryland linebacker Jermaine Carter Jr. recently said, "It's just getting back to playing football, getting back to playing the sport that we love. Having fun. Everybody has energy...everybody feeds of it."

RB Wes Brown still with Maryland football, practicing after suspension - Testudo Times
The Terps are back at spring practice this week, and Brown is with the team and practicing, giving the Terps a surprising jolt if Brown sticks around for the season.

Big Ten roundtable: Which school with a new head coach improved most – ESPN
DJ Durkin has the pedigree to improve upon a Maryland defense that ranked 90th nationally last season.


Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo Says Maryland is Most Talented - InsideMDSports
Michigan State coach Tom Izzo had some very nice things to say about Maryland, despite the Terps' recent struggles.

ACC Tournament in D.C.? Take that with you to the Big Ten, Maryland
This is a great article about the ACC sticking it to Maryland by holding the league's tournament in D.C. just two years after Maryland left to join the B1G.

Fans in all team colors part of ACC Tournament crowd | News & Observer
More on the ACC Tournament, including a quote from a Maryland fan who attended the first round games.

Big Ten tournament capsules: Handicapping the field
Taking a look at the Big Ten field in this year's conference tournament.

Jon Crispin’s 2016 Big Ten Basketball Tourney Preview – Big Ten Network
Maryland has a lot to prove in the Big Ten tournament, but the road to redemption top is riddled with pesky little obstacles, i.e. a Wisconsin team that took it to the Terps in College Park not so long ago.

Relive our top 10 most-watched 2015-16 basketball videos – Big Ten Network
It appears that, in general,  people really enjoyed viewing Maryland do bad things.

Terps Scout Prolific Junior College Scorer – InsideMDSports
The Terps have their eye on an under the radar talent, who just happens to be the second highest scoring JUCO player in the country.

Adam Morrison, J.J. Redick greatest season oral history – NBC SportsWorld
Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick waged one of the great seasons in college basketball history. Included in this story is a quote from Northwestern head coach Chris Collins, who was with Duke at the time,  making a ridiculous accusation that everyone at Xfinity (Comcast at the time) was chanting "F-U JJ" to Redick. A lot of students certainly chanted that, but to say "every single person in that building" did is preposterous. -Dave

Realignment talk

It's clear Big 12 has no choice but to do something soon: 7 things to know -
Ready for more possible conference expansion rumors this summer?