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DJ Durkin is bringing a lot of fire to his job as Maryland head football coach

Maryland shares some behind-the-scenes footage from Durkin's first practice, earlier this month.

Via Maryland Football

Spring practices for the Maryland football program are well underway. The Terps held three of them two weeks ago, then took off last week for spring break. They're back with several more practices this week, as they work toward their 15-practice spring limit and the team's red-white spring game in April.

On Monday, Maryland shared footage from DJ Durkin's first practice as head coach. It doesn't get too in-depth and it's in-house media, but it's still a cool look at some of what Durkin and Maryland have been up to lately:

Durkin delivers some real money lines. The best one is probably this:

"Let's go as hard as we can, as fast as we can, for as long as we can, and don't worry."

It's a three-minute video, and it's worth checking out.