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Picture: Maryland's Cole Field House renovation is well underway

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Say goodbye to Maryland's old basketball stadium for good.

Maryland has begun the journey of turning Cole Field House into a world-class indoor football practice facility, as evidenced by this cool picture.

(via imigur.)

DJ Durkin thinks the New Cole Field House will be "The best in the country." Either way, the new facility could prove to be another effective recruiting tool for Durkin's staff.

Maryland is still selling seats from the legendary stadium for $400 per pair, so fans who are so inclined can own a piece of Maryland history.

Construction of the "Terrapin Performance Center" is scheduled to be complete in April 2017, with phase II of the project scheduled to be finished by June 2018.

A look at what the New Cole Field House will look like:

For more information on Maryland's renovation of Cole Field House, go here.