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Contract details, buyouts and bonuses for Maryland football assistants Dave Borbely, Chris Beatty, Matt Barnes and Anthony Tucker

Maryland's new receivers and offensive line coach are on two-year deals.

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New Maryland football wide receivers coach Chris Beatty and offensive line coach Dave Borbely are on two-year contracts with the university, while running backs coach Anthony Tucker and linebackers coach Matt Barnes are on one-year deals.

Testudo Times obtained copies of Maryland's memoranda of understanding with each assistant coach via a public records request through Maryland.

Borbely will make $340,000 in each of his two years, while Beatty will make $320,000 in his two years. For their one-year deals, Tucker will earn $185,000 and Barnes will earn $155,000.

The assistants all have similar bonus structures to those of other Maryland assistants. Each coach can earn up to $55,000 in additional annual pay if Maryland meets certain performance bonuses, ranging from a Big Ten East division title ($5,000 per coach) to a national title win ($20,000).

None of the assistants has any buyout in the event of firing for per performance. All have contract offsets that would lessen Maryland's requirement to pay them by whatever amount they earned at new jobs during the course of their contracts – a clause only potentially relevant, in practice, to Borbely and Beatty, who are on two-year contracts.

You can view each of the four coaches' MOU with Maryland below:

Maryland's memoranda of understanding with Chris Beatty, Dave Borbely, Anthony Tucker, Matt Barnes