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Jim Harbaugh thinks he may have hired 'a better coach' to replace DJ Durkin as defensive coordinator

The Wolverines hired Boston College defensive coordinator Don Brown to Durkin's old job on Monday.

Bryan Fuller / MGoBlog

Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh thanked his former defensive coordinator, DJ Durkin, for a "job well done" after Durkin left Ann Arbor for Maryland following the regular season. Now that Harbaugh's hired a new coordinator to replace Durkin in Boston College's Don Brown, he's sounding a slightly – though not completely – different tune.

"I've always had this kind of vision that if we lose a coach, and we lost D.J. Durkin to a head coaching position at Maryland, very excited for him and D.J. did a tremendous job. The goal is to find a better coach," Harbaugh told WXYZ-TV's Brad Galli, via's Nick Baumgardner. "I think we have a tremendous opportunity in Don Brown of accomplishing that goal."

This isn't exactly a potshot on Harbaugh's part. He's known Durkin for a long time and clearly respects him. But Baumgardner, on Twitter, explained a bit more on Harbaugh's rationale here:

Anyway, Brown is a really good coach. He's coached a long line of havoc-wreaking defenses, with a scheme somewhat similar to Durkin's own. His Boston College unit last year was No. 1 in the nation in total defense, ceding 254 yards per game. Durkin's Wolverines finished three spots behind him, allowing 281.

Note: I've updated our headline above to more fully reflect Harbaugh's commentary, lest anyone think we're putting words in the coach's mouth.