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Do Maryland fans like the Terps' hiring of D.J. Durkin?

D.J. Durkin, Michigan's defensive coordinator, is set to become Maryland's next head football coach. What do you think of the hire?

Bryan Fuller / MGoBlog

News broke on Wednesday afternoon that D.J. Durkin will be hired as Maryland's next head football coach. Durkin comes to Maryland via the University of Michigan and, before that, the University of Florida. He's spent a 15-year coaching career working on the defensive side of the ball, most recently as the Wolverines' defensive coordinator.

Our Ryan Connors broke down the case for Durkin in early November.

Durkin has an outstanding track record as a defensive coach and a recruiter, not to mention one of the most impressive pedigrees in the college ranks. He has worked for both Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh twice. He was on Urban Meyer's staff at Bowling Green and Florida, and worked for Harbaugh at Stanford and Michigan.

Lots of people on Twitter and around the country will continue to weigh in, but we want to hear from you.

What do you think of Maryland's decision to hire D.J. Durkin? Good? Bad? Somewhere in between?