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Former Maryland football coach Randy Edsall 'wasn't going to compromise' with Terps

In Connecticut newspaper interview, the former Terps head football coach expresses no regrets.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Save for a brief statement emailed to reporters right after he was fired, former Maryland football head coach Randy Edsall has exhibited complete radio silence since Maryland dismissed him in October.

He finally broke that silence Tuesday, speaking with Desmond Conner of the Hartford Courant.

Edsall went 22-34 in four-and-a-half seasons as the Terps' head coach, and Maryland fans didn't exactly weep over his firing. Edsall said he "wasn't going to compromise

"We made the program better," Edsall said. "I stuck to my guns in terms of doing what I thought was right in terms of developing kids, graduating kids and having kids go out and work and play to the best of their ability. We didn't win enough games. So be it. But I wasn't going to compromise what I thought the college model should be in terms of graduating your kids, developing the kids and getting them ready for the real world because less than one percent of them are going to the NFL. I wasn't going to compromise that. I was going to work within the framework of the institution."

"Sticking to his guns" was something Edsall was very much known for. Edsall instituted some unpopular policies upon his installation as coach, including banning earrings and baseball caps from the locker room. The beginning of his tenure was marred by more than 20 transfers, as his "military" style of coaching didn't sit well with a lot of the players.

"I'm not about winning at all costs," Edsall said. "I'm about doing it the right way, graduating kids, holding them accountable so that when they go out into the real world they're going to know how to handle it. They're not going to be enabled, and they're not going to be entitled."

Maryland did receive its highest Academic Progress Rate scores in history under Edsall, and much of the Courant's article is about his views on academics. The former coach decried the current system of college athletics.

"I think the collegiate model is no longer in place anymore," Edsall said. "It's a pro model in a college game. The Ivy League is probably the purest in terms of what it's all about, getting an education and participating in extracurricular activities but the college model ... look at it from a recruiting standpoint. You're offering scholarships to kids when they're a freshman in high school when you don't even know their academics."

Where's he headed next? Some have speculated that Edsall could end up back at Syracuse, his alma mater. However, he doesn't seem to have anything concrete, and the Orange just hired another head coach, anyway.

"I might take a look to see if there's an opportunity to get back in the NFL, maybe look at a possibility of something in broadcasting or just sit back and take a year and travel and enjoy more time with Eileen [his wife]. I'd say I'm in the evaluation mode right now."