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Maryland QB Caleb Rowe has a concussion, didn't return after taking these hits vs. Indiana

Rowe took a hit to the head, called for help, was examined and checked back into the game after three plays before taking more contact to the head.

Maryland quarterback Caleb Rowe has a concussion, Terps interim head coach Mike Locksley announced after the team's game against Indiana on Saturday. Locksley didn't say when exactly Rowe's concussion occurred. But video from the game shows Rowe appearing to take a major hit to the head, exiting the game, then quickly returning and immediately taking another hit that resulted in Rowe's head making contact with the Byrd Stadium turf. Here's what happened:

Late in the second quarter, Rowe took off scrambling against the Indiana pass rush. The play ended with Indiana defensive back Will Dawkins (28) apparently hitting Rowe's head as the quarterback lunged forward.

Update, Nov. 22: On his weekly teleconference, Maryland interim coach Mike Locksley confirmed Rowe suffered his concussion on the first play shown below. Locksley said Rowe didn't complain of a headache until halftime, at which point Maryland evaluated and diagnosed him with a concussion. It wasn't immediately clear why that diagnosis wasn't made before Rowe's return to play.

Something was immediately amiss. Rowe, clearly shaken, motioned for a replacement and exited the game.

On closer review, it's clear that Rowe took a shot to his head, as his neck reached forward.

Here's another angle:

Three plays went by. Maryland's medical staff checked on Rowe, who returned to the game after less than one minute of elapsed clock time.

(Via the Big Ten Network.)

On Rowe's first play back in the game, he scrambled again.

The play ends with Rowe's head sliding up against the artificial turf.

Rowe stayed in the game for five more plays. He threw four consecutive incomplete passes and did not return to the game after halftime. He did not appear to take any head contact on any of those plays.

Here's Locksley's full explanation of what happened:

On Rowe's status:

"Caleb has a concussion," Locksley said. "He's going to start going through our concussion protocol. It took place somewhere in the middle to the end of the second quarter. We went in at halftime, and he was ruled out."

On what happened when Rowe was concussed:

"I don't [know when he suffered the concussion]," Locksley said. "But I do know our athletic administration has protocols for concussions. I know the Big Ten has spotters upstairs that is involved. I don't know what had happened. I just recall them telling me going into halftime that he was out. I know that he came out for a play but obviously the medical people and the spotters and all those people that's involved followed the protocol that we have in place, and that's who we played the game."

Locksley's confirmation on Sunday that Rowe's concussion came on the first run shown above means that Maryland let him back into the game just a couple of minutes after he suffered a concussion, right before he took more contact to the head. A video review shows Rowe's meeting with medical staff before going back into the game lasted fewer than 45 seconds.