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Terps trail Hawkeyes, 14-7, after first quarter

Maryland's game against Iowa couldn't have started any worse, as C.J. Brown threw an interception to defensive end Drew Ott on Maryland's first play of the game. The Hawkeyes drove quickly for a touchdown by running back Mark Weisman, then piled on another score on a Jake Rudock play-action pass to tight end Henry Krieger Coble on their next drive. The Terps, not even nine minutes into the game, were down, 14-0.

Things picked up a little bit afterward, though.

Jacquille Veii scored on a 23-yard touchdown run, and a couple of Andre Monroe tackles in the Iowa backfield helped get Maryland the ball back, down a touchdown. The Terps punted after one play in the second quarter but are, for the moment, back in the game.

Receiver Marcus Leak dropped a sure 47-yard touchdown from Brown on Maryland's second drive. Brandon Ross had five carries for 20 yards. Brown had seven for 39, and Veii two for 33, including his touchdown. Stefon Diggs had a couple of first down catches for Maryland. Only Diggs and fullback Kenneth Goins have any receptions from Brown.