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3-star Georgia WR Carlos Carriere stands 6'5 and has Maryland interest after Terps offer

The Terps are looking for big receivers, and they just offered one from Georgia.

Via Carlos Carriere

The Maryland football program offered a scholarship Wednesday morning to three-star Alpharetta (Ga.) wide receiver Carlos Carriere, a prospect in the class of 2017. Carriere is the No. 101 receiver and No. 62 player overall in Georgia, according to the 247Sports Composite.

When Maryland offensive coordinator Walt Bell offered Carriere by way of Twitter direct message, he kicked off an exciting day for the high school junior. Maryland's invitation was Carriere's first, and he got two more from Elon and Jacksonville State by the time the day was over. Those are his first three offers.

Maryland hasn't visited Carriere in Georgia, but he's been in touch with Bell and receivers coach Chris Beatty. Carriere said Maryland offered him based on game tape. He's 6'5, which appeals to the Terrapins.

"They're impressed with my tape, and they think I have the potential to be a big-time player," Carriere said. "And of course my height is something unique. They're looking for a big receiver."

The Terps have been active this recruiting cycle in Georgia, extending at least 18 offers in the state.

"It's very competitive. Everywhere you go or compete, it's good players there with you," Carriere said. "It's fun. I definitely enjoy competing at a high level with these plays."

Carriere said he's interested in visiting College Park.

"It's a possibility," he said.  "I would like to. I would definitely like to see the campus and meet with the coaches in person."

Alpharetta has produced a couple of strong players in recent seasons. The most notable is Tennessee quarterback Joshua Dobbs, a four-star Alpharetta recruit in the class of 2013.

Carriere draws on his size and athleticism for more than just football. He also plays basketball for Alpharetta.

"Rebounding and stuff, it's the same as going over for a jump ball," he said. "I think that helps, certain stuff like that."

Quick scouting report

(Let's apply some usual caveats here: Lots of players look good against high school competition. I'm not a professional scout and have never watched Carriere outside of highlight tapes.)

On film, Carriere looks every bit of 6'5, and he shows a lot of range as a receiver. Receivers as big as Carriere usually play on the outside and not in the slot, but he shows the ability to do both, at least in high school.

Here's Carriere going deep, like a 6'5 receiver is prone to do:

carlos carriere

Not a lot of tricks there, really: Just a receiver being faster than a cornerback and beating him in a footrace, then using his size to haul in the pass. That's good stuff.

On the other hand, here's Carriere knifing toward the middle of the field and catching a touchdown in a tight window:

carlos carriere

That's an important skill, too, and it's one that translates well to the Big Ten. The best teams in Maryland's division are always going to have talented safeties who can seal off most deep passing lanes, so the ability to find space over the middle and close to the line of scrimmage is really important.

Here's a route-running sample:


It's hard to get much of a read on route-running ability, but it looks like Carriere could stand to get a little quicker out of cuts. And that's completely normal when you're a 6'5 teenager who's only used to going up against competition you're much better than. I'm sure Maryland receivers coach Chris Beatty isn't too broken up about it.

You can see full tape of Carriere at his Hudl page.