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DJ Durkin and Terps are making way more offers in Florida than Maryland for 2017 recruiting class

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How the Terps' early 2017 recruiting efforts are shaping up geographically.

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We've written quite a bit in this space lately about DJ Durkin's keen interest in recruiting the state of Florida for the Maryland football program. He was in the Sunshine State just days after taking the Maryland job in December, and he'll be hanging around plenty as the years go by. The Terps got seven Florida prospects in their 2016 class.

"Seven is a great number and Florida's another great place for football," Durkin said on National Signing Day. "Myself and the staff have great recruiting ties down there so when you catch the tail end of things you tend to lean on people you know and trust. If I give an offer to a guy today who is a junior, that's 12 whole months to really investigate and get to know the full character of the guy and what he is about."

For 2017, that process is very much underway.

Based on our recruiting offer board, Durkin's staff (with a little holdover from Randy Edsall's administration) is doling out way more offers in Florida than any other state – and that includes Maryland.

We've compiled listed Maryland offers on the three major recruiting agencies and added in those we've seen on Twitter in the last few weeks. So these numbers aren't necessarily exact, but they're as good as we can do.

To a large degree, Maryland is simply fishing for blue-chippers in Florida. The Terps have offered 42 scholarships to Florida prospects, and 21 are either four- or five-star rankers on the 247Sports Composite.

"Florida has more four- and five-star talents that most states have FBS prospects," Bud Elliott, SB Nation's national recruiting director, explained to me.

The Terps have handed out more offers in Florida, by far, than any other state. Next comes Virginia, then Maryland.

State Offers
Florida 41
Virginia 26
Maryland 22
Georgia 17
New Jersey 15
Pennsylvania 10
California 6
North Carolina 6
Texas 6
Washington 5
New York 5
Alabama 3
Connecticut 3
Massachusetts 3
Ohio 3
Illinois 2
Indiana 2
Tennessee 2
West Virginia 2
Arkansas 1
Delaware 1
Michigan 1
Missouri 1

The Terps are really active in Virginia right now. They only had six players from that state on their roster in 2015, but adding former Virginia head coach Mike London and offensive line coach Dave Borbely has, not surprisingly, come with an uptick in Maryland's Virginia recruiting presence. (We haven't put together the same detailed data for previous classes, but Maryland wasn't doing nearly this much work in Virginia.)

The Terps have also been busy in Georgia, where they're after a trio of four-star prospects (receiver Trey Blount, linebacker Breon Dixon and cornerback William Poole III) and 14 others.

Maryland has shown virtually no interest in the state of Delaware, making only one known offer in the state – to four-star linebacker Avery Roberts, of Concord.

In that light, this tweet from Maryland offensive coordinator Walt Bell is sort of funny:

Poor Delaware.