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Maryland football recruiting: Trevion Armstrong says he could play H-back in college

Some of the schools looking at the three-star recruit are curious to see what he can do at a different position.


Hatchling Huddle is a recurring series where we talk to high school players recruited by Maryland or coaches who have Maryland recruits.

Trevion Armstrong, a target for the class of 2015 by Maryland, could possibly play a different position than originally expected. In a previous interview, he said he would continue to play wide receiver in college as he has in high school, but now several schools are considering the 6'4", 215 pound Virginian at the H-back position, Armstrong said.

The three-star recruit said Maryland, Duke, North Carolina, Virginia Tech and Miami have expressed interest in moving him to a more hybrid wide receiver/tight end position with some duties in the backfield.

The reason for the possible position change is part due to Armstrong's speed and size, he said.

"I run a 4.58 40," Armstrong explained. "To have that at the H-back position is a good speed but at wide receiver that can be considered slow. I'm pretty good at jump balls and I can run a lot. I have pretty much everything you need as an H-back."

Armstrong said he sees run blocking as his only potential weakness as a H-back, but he doesn't mind the positional switch because it could help him with playing time.

"To a lot of schools my weakness was my speed," he said. "If this is what's going to get me on the field quicker then it's what I'm willing to do."

In February, Armstrong described his recruitment by Maryland as being in a "bad situation." Over a month later, he said not much has changed. However, he said he has a better relationship with his lead recruiter, Chad Wilt, but they don't have much to talk about yet.

"All we talk about is me coming to camp because he hasn't seen me play," he said. "They would like me to come to camp so they can see me in person."

He said he plans to come to a camp in June.

"I'm pretty excited to come to camp at Maryland," he said." And I'm pretty excited if they offer me [at] the H-back position."

The move could lead to an increase of interest from the Terps, who recently saw top tight end target Chris Clark commit to North Carolina. Tight end and H-back are fairly similar positions, with some additional responsibilities in the backfield.

Armstrong said he hasn't received any new offers which means his total stands at six: Pittsburgh, Towson, North Carolina-Charlotte, James Madison, Old Dominion and Marshall. However, he expects a seventh offer to come soon from a longtime rival of the Terps.

"I'm about to get [an offer] from Virginia in the next couple of weeks," Armstrong said. "I took a visit there and Coach London said he wanted me."

Armstrong said his two favorite schools at the moment are North Carolina and Duke and placed the Tar Heels as his slight preference. In February, he said he doesn't plan to make a list of schools until the summer and doesn't intend on making a final decision until football season.