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Maryland football recruiting: David Robbins 'impressed' by Terps' coaching staff

The three-star guard has liked what he has seen so far from Maryland during his three visits.


Hatchling Huddle is a recurring series where we talk to high school players recruited by Maryland or coaches who have Maryland recruits.

If Maryland is to be successful in the Big Ten, then the Terps will need to get big up front. The Terrapins have keyed in on offensive guard David Robbins to accomplish just that.

The 6'3", 296 pound three-star would provide some size for Maryland as well as skill. The lineman is ranked as the 69th best guard and 24th best player in the state of Maryland in the class of 2015 by the 247Sports composite.

Schools across the country have taken notice of Robbins. Maryland, Illinois, Wake Forest, Kentucky, California and Old Dominion have already offered the junior at Glenelg, Robbins said. He said he also has visits scheduled with Georgia, Florida State, Alabama, Auburn and Ohio State. Of the schools to offer him so far, Robbins said Maryland and Kentucky have been the ones to stick out.

"Right now Kentucky and Maryland really, really jump out to me both as places I could see myself in the future," Robbins said.

Robbins said part of what makes Maryland stick out to him is how easy it would be for his family to watch his games.

"It's close to home so my family will be able to see all my home games," he said. "[The Big Ten move] will put Maryland on national television every game. If we have an away game my family can still watch me on TV."

He added that the academics at Maryland and the importance of the education of the players to Edsall was important to him, too.

"School is a priority for me," Robbins explained. "Edsall is really turning the program around academically. He has graduated 89 out his last 90 seniors so he's got a good track record with graduating players."

Robbins said team support and a college experience are what he most wants from a school.

"I like a big fan base, like student sections that every week are crazy where everyone shows up to the games," he said. "I like a small, college town atmosphere and a sense of community. I like a big school but a sense of community. I don't want to get weird looks for saying hi to kids."

Robbins said he has taken three visits to Maryland. In his first visited, he went to the football game against Florida International, in the second visit he went to the men's basketball game against Syracuse, and the third time he watched a practice, he said. During the second and third visits, Robbins said he got a chance to talk to a lot of coaches.

"I really like the coaches there," Robbins said. "They're all good guys and laid back. I'm really impressed with all the coaching styles. I think they'd fit well with the type of player I am."

Robbins said he was especially impressed with new offensive line coach Greg Studrawa.

"I went to a practice and I was watching how [Studrawa] was teaching it," he said. "He brings a lot of energy. He coached and won a national championship at LSU so he really knows what he's talking about."

While Robbins doesn't have any friends on Maryland's team, he said he does know a lot of students at College Park and they have told him good things about Maryland.

"They all absolutely love the school," he said. "They love the campus, they love the student life and they really like the academics there. At the same time they get to stay close to home. I know a lot of people who went away and then transferred back to Maryland because it was just too far to deal with."

Robbins said he hasn't made a list of schools yet and doesn't plan to until at least the beginning of the summer. He is unsure when he will make his final decision but said it will come sometime during his senior season.