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Photo gallery: Maryland basketball wins on senior night

The Terps had a great night, and we captured it in still form.

I missed Maryland's senior game last year because student ticket demands were ridiculous, so I'm quite glad I got to experience Thursday night from the floor.

Before the game, I got to see Varun Ram and Rasheed Sulaimon saying farewells and thanks to the venue ushers. I'm sure Trevor Anzmann and Jake Layman said their shares as well. It was a good sight.

As for the game, the second half was probably the best Maryland has played in a long while. Sure, Illinois isn't the caliber of the team like Purdue is, but Terps were making good shots and defending reasonably. Not only did the team play well, having big names like Stefon Diggs, Scot Van Pelt and Darius Kilgo come out to watch made it more enjoyable for fans at the game. (Also for myself, the photographer)

One last thing: if you watched the game on TV, that Varun Ram three-pointer was much louder in person than you probably could imagine. What a moment for him.