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Photo gallery: Maryland basketball's win against Purdue at Xfinity Center

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Maryland's win against Purdue, in still form.

Editor's note, from Alex:

Thanks to Sung-Min Kim for again brilliantly capturing Maryland's basketball game on Saturday in still form. I think you'll agree he was at his best in what's been an impressive run of being better at taking pictures of sporting events than anybody any of us have ever seen.

Anyway, the game itself was a good one, too. The Terps won by 11 points against Purdue, aided by strong games from Rasheed Sulaimon and Robert Carter and a lack of giveaways on offense.

The Terps are now 21-3 on the season and 10-2 in the Big Ten, and it's become more and more clear that they're in the midst of a deeply special basketball season. I'm not exactly sure how or when it will end, but it's been a lot of fun to cover.

Fortunately, we've got Sung-Min here to show us exactly what happened. His pictures tell the story better than anyone could write it.