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Robert Carter Jr.'s corner 3-pointer turned the tide for Maryland basketball vs. Purdue

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A closer look at the play that started the Terps' decisive run against the Boilermakers.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

To whatever extent the Maryland basketball team is ever in real danger of losing a game at home – which might not be much – things looked grim with a bit under 6 minutes to play against Purdue on Saturday.

The Terps trailed, 51-47, and found themselves relatively powerless to put an offensive dent into the Boilermakers' elite defense. Purdue freshman Caleb Swanigan scored to put his team up 51-47, and a particularly passionate Maryland crowd groaned its loudest at any point all evening.

On Maryland's ensuing possession, the game started to turn. Here's what started it all:

It's an exceptionally simple play, and Maryland runs it a lot. The pick-and-pop is really easy when you've got a penetrating guard like Melo Trimble and a house of a screener like Robert Carter Jr. who can also shoot jumpers.

Carter's breakdown of the play is delightfully simple.

"It's always going to be tough to guard with a big that can make shots and a guard like him that can get downhill with the best of them," he said. "They took their poison. They chose to both stay with him. They left me open for a three, and I knocked it down." Indeed, it wasn't a clinic on the part of Carter's man, Purdue power forward Caleb Swanigan.

Here's a similar look against Michigan State a few weeks ago:

Anyway, the basket turned out to be a convenient line of demarcation between Maryland's earlier struggles and the Terps' furious sprint to the finish line to win by 11 points. Starting with Carter's triple with Maryland down 4 points, the Terps outscored Purdue by a dominant 25-10 margin in the final 5 minutes 36 seconds. That'll usually work.