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Loss to Purdue was Maryland basketball's worst rebounding effort in at least 15 years

The advanced stats review of the Terps' loss to the Boilermakers: This was Maryland's most pitiful rebounding display in a generation.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

The Maryland men's basketball team lost at Purdue on Saturday, and the numbers tell the exact same story you probably saw with your own two eyes: The Terps couldn't rebound, and it crushed them against the Boilers.

Here's a look at how Maryland fared in the "four factors" of team efficiency: effective field goal percentage (eFG%), turnover percentage (TOV%), offensive rebounding percentage (ORB%) and free throw tries per field goal attempt (FTA/FGA). These are the gory details.


Maryland: 51.6 eFG% // Purdue: 57.5 eFG% // National average: 49.8 eFG%

Maryland and Purdue both shot fine in this game, with Purdue doing a little better from the field than Maryland. The big difference here was that Maryland needed 20 attempts to nail seven three-pointers, while Purdue needed just 17.


Maryland: 9.1 TOV% // Purdue: 22.7 TOV% // National average: 18.2 TOV%

This was Maryland's best turnover performance of the season, by far. The Terps gave up a season-low six turnovers and forced 15, including a late run of five once Mark Turgeon went to a full-court press in the game's final five minutes. That press brought Maryland back from nine points down to a tied score, and the Terps probably would've been able to win the game, were it not for ...


Maryland: 29 ORB% // Purdue: 59.4 ORB% // National average: 29.8 ORB%

Holy hell, Maryland. The Terps gave up 19 offensive rebounds on 29 Boilermaker missed shots! That's a truthfully mind-boggling statistic, and one that led to a 24-10 edge in second-chance points for Matt Painter's team. Johnny Hill, a guard, had four offensive rebounds, and six of his teammates had at least two apiece. It's hard to win when the other team gets multiple chances on 60 percent of its possessions.

This was Maryland's worst rebounding game in years. The Terps hadn't allowed even a 40 percent offensive board rate since last season. Nobody had done more than 50 percent since North Carolina State in March 2009. The last time a team did more damage on Maryland's defensive glass? We don't know, because Ken Pomeroy's data tracking only goes back to 2001. It's at least the worst in 15 years. It was a pitiful display.

Free throw attempts

Maryland: 0.295 FTA/FGA // Purdue: 0.333 FTA/FGA // National average: 0.366 FTA/FGA

Maryland took 18 free throws to Purdue's 20 and scored two more points at the line than the Boilermakers. This was fairly even and pretty good for Maryland, given that the game was played in West Lafayette. It underscores that Maryland lost for one reason and one reason alone: The Terps cannot rebound.