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Previewing Maryland basketball's final three games and discussing what went wrong against Minnesota

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Maryland has three games left this season, starting with Purdue on Saturday. Can the Terps defeat the Boilermakers? Can Melo Trimble finally get things going again? We talk about these issues and more in the latest Testudo Times podcast.

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In the latest episode, 37th overall, of the Testudo Times Podcast, I talk with Dave Tucker and Ryan Connors about Maryland's horrible loss to Minnesota, the win over Michigan and the Terps' remaining schedule. We also try to determine what went wrong against the Gophers and touch on the Terrapins' Jekyll and Hyde play against the Wolverines.

We also talk about what it's going to take to get Melo Trimble going and how important he is for the flow of Maryland's offense. Later we ask whether Robert Carter Jr. might be one of Maryland's more important players on the offensive side of the ball.

Other topics include:

- Is Maryland more suited to beat Purdue or Indiana on the road?

- How important and significant are polls and rankings?

- How high is Grayson Allen on the "Annoying Duke Player Scale"?

- How will Maryland do against Purdue and in its final three regular season games?

Hope you enjoyed all three podcasts this week as you prepare for the big game against the Boilermakers. Do not forget to rate, subscribe and download the podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud. Happy listening!