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AP Top 25 voter Graham Couch explains why he didn't rank Maryland basketball

The most reviled figure on Maryland Sports Twitter this week stops by for a discussion and debate.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

It was the tweet read round Maryland Sports Twitter.

Graham Couch, a Lansing State Journal sports columnist and Michigan radio host, had the audacity to not rank Maryland in his AP Top 25 ballot after the Terps lost twice in their last three games to Wisconsin and Minnesota and only somewhat impressively handled Michigan at home. You can peruse the whole ballot here.

We called an emergency session of the Testudo Times Podcast and discussed this with Couch:

To be clear, we think this is a ridiculous view, and so apparently do the majority of eligible voters in the AP Poll. Maryland loyalties aside, the Terps are No. 10 in this week's poll, and that's the lowest they've ranked all season.

But Couch claims there's no vendetta here. He views Maryland's recent performance as simply not good enough and thinks there are 25 teams in the country, who, right now, would be likelier than not to beat Maryland on a neutral court. He did say that a win against Purdue over the weekend would make 10th-ranked Maryland a top-25 team again, in his view.

In all seriousness, thanks to Couch for coming to defend his view. We enjoyed the back-and-forth and enjoyed being 100 percent correct in all of our opinions.