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Actual AP Top 25 voter says Maryland basketball isn't a top-25 team

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Maryland has struggled and did lose to Minnesota, but leaving them out of the AP Top 25 entirely?

Sung-Min Kim

AP voter Graham Couch proclaimed on Twitter Sunday evening that he not only dropped Maryland from the No. 12 spot he had the Terps in last week, but removed them entirely from his ballot for this week:

This honestly made me laugh out loud when I read it. My issue, honestly, isn't that he dropped Maryland out of his Top 25. It's the "didn't plan to" but did it anyway. He also argues the Terps haven't played well all season, but if he felt Maryland was over rated, why did he rank the Terps No. 12 last week?

People obviously weren't happy with Couch's rankings and several folks had some great responses:

Not related to his Maryland omission this week, but you'll be shocked to learn that Couch has said some other contentious things in the past on Twitter. If you want some more fun reading, check out the entire back and forth between SVP and Couch.

After searching through Twitter yesterday, I found voters who still have Maryland in their top ten and ones who have them somewhere in the teens. I'd be shocked if anyone else had them out of the Top 25 entirely. I think the most likely outcome is that the Terps end up somewhere around 12-13, like in Seth Davis' ballot below.

Bret Strelow's AP Top 25 ballot for Feb. 22 | Blog: ACC Basketball |
Here's an example of a AP voter who kept Maryland in the top 10 this week. Bret Strelow of had Maryland at No. 8 in his AP ballot last week, but dropped the Terps just one spot, to No. 9 this week.

The other thing Maryland fans really care about at this point in the season is NCAA Tournament seeding. I thought Patrick Stevens did a good job summarizing Maryland's win over Michigan and where the Terps stand three weeks from Selection Sunday:

Before the Minnesota loss, Maryland was trying to improve its resume to justify a No. 1 seed. Now they need at least one big win at Purdue or Indiana just to get back towards where they were before that horrible loss.

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