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Photo gallery: Maryland basketball beats Michigan

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The Terps' win against the Wolverines, captured in still form.

Instead of editor's note, you get to hear it from the photographer himself!

So, the deal usually is that you get a seat by the hoops and take as many as you can while the refs aren't blocking you. I never shot basketball until this season and I feel every game has been a good lesson.

Anyway, this was another fun game to shoot. I think the only Big Ten game that I was at that resulted as a blowout was the Ohio State one. Every second half when it becomes clear that it's going to be another close finish, I tell the photographers by me, "Here we go again!" Well, unlike the last time (against Wisconsin), this one resulted in Maryland victory. My inner captain obvious tells me that the team really needed this going into the final stretch of games (vs. Purdue, Illinois and Indiana).

After the game, I had the chance to meet Rasheed Sulaimon. He's got that got that warm and hospitable vibe when you talk to him. I included few pics of him playing with a kid that he made friends with, because, well, it's a good story. Terps fans are going to miss him immensely after this season.

Also, random note. they usually play "Facts" by Kanye West during the warmups ("Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman."). When are they going to switch to the Charlie Heat version? That one is so much superior. Okay, I'm done.