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Maryland students' awesome flash mob at Wisconsin game, in 360 degrees

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Check this out.

Alexander Jonesi

The Maryland student section put on a really cool flash mob performance during a media timeout at the Terps' game against Wisconsin on Saturday. (Some would say it was Maryland's best performance of the night.)

Alexander Jonesi captured a stunning 360-degree panorama of the scene from around the time of the show:

Spherical 360˚ Panorama of The Flash Mob Maryland Student Section
Via Alexander Jonesi

And Maryland released a downright tripping 360-degree video:

Sports can sometimes be really cool shows, and this was one of those times.

Here's another look at the scene, this one from our Sung-Min Kim:

Photo gallery: Maryland basketball loses to Wisconsin

Maryland's gotten really good at doing this kind of thing. The novelty is way gone at this point, but students love it and there's no reason to stop doing it once every season.