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Diamond Stone appears to push Wisconsin player's head into the ground

An ugly moment at the end of the first half of Maryland's game against Wisconsin.


With Maryland trailing late in the first half of its game against Wisconsin on Saturday, Terps center Diamond Stone and Wisconsin forward Charlie Thomas started to tussle under the Badgers' basket.

As Stone went falling toward the ground, he appeared to push at Wisconsin forward Vitto Brown's head, driving the player's skull into the hardwood. Here's what happened:

Stone was pushed on his backside before putting his hand to Brown's head, but this still doesn't look even a little bit good for the Maryland five-star freshman.

Somehow, Stone and Thomas were assessed dual technical fouls. Stone remained in the game, and Maryland headed off for halftime trailing by 15 points at home against the underdog Badgers.

It'll be interesting to see if Maryland or the Big Ten takes any action regarding the play going forward. Head injuries aren't a particularly hot basketball issue, but this is a dangerous-looking sequence.