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Maryland basketball back to No. 1 seed in latest ESPN bracketology

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A new projection has Maryland's seeding more in line with its current ranking.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Maryland men's basketball team has spent the last few weeks projected as a No. 2 or 3 seed in March's NCAA Tournament, a seeding that belies what's most often been a higher ranking in weekly polls.

But in a new seed list out on Saturday, ESPN's Joe Lunardi has Maryland on the top bracket line, as the No. 4 overall seed in his bracket.

Lunardi projects six Big Ten teams will dance.

Still, Maryland is probably heading for a not-exactly-ideal bracket placement unless the Terps finish ahead of Villanova. The Wildcats are currently ranked No. 1 nationally, a spot ahead of Maryland, and would figure to take the top seed in the East regional. That would result in a No. 1-seeded Maryland being shipped away – perhaps all the way to the West.

Or it could lead to the Terps playing a de-facto road game in the Elite Eight against Villanova if the teams wind up in the same 16-team set. (The East's Sweet 16 and Elite Eight games are in Philadelphia this year, minutes from the Villanova campus.)

Maryland hosts Wisconsin on Saturday night.