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Maryland basketball's win vs. Iowa was comprehensive but close across the board

The advanced stats review from Maryland's win against Iowa.

The Terps took a step forward in defensive rebounding on Thursday.
The Terps took a step forward in defensive rebounding on Thursday.
Sung-Min Kim/Testudo Times

Maryland's imperfect but still hugely impressive win against Iowa is a big deal for the Terps. They'd played a tough road schedule, but they still didn't have a genuine quality victory this season. Now, they've got one of the best wins anywhere.

In our advanced statistical review, here's a look at how Maryland fared in the "four factors" of team efficiency: effective field goal percentage (eFG%), turnover percentage (TOV%), offensive rebounding percentage (ORB%) and free throw tries per field goal attempt (FTA/FGA).

It's a deeper examination of the Terrapins' performance, and it shows that Maryland outdid Iowa in every key indicator - but only slightly in three of the four.


Maryland: 50 eFG% // Iowa: 46.8 eFG% // National average: 49.7 eFG%

Maryland was incrementally better than Iowa from the field, shooting roughly one basket more efficiently than the Hawkeyes on both 2- and 3-point shots. The teams combined to make 11 out of 49 triples, which gave the game a certain ugliness even as it played out at an otherwise high level.


Maryland: 13.9 TOV% // Iowa: 15.1 TOV% // National average: 18.4 TOV%

Maryland secured the ball well for a second-straight game, only turning it over on 12 percent of possessions against Michigan State last Saturday. Iowa controlled it well, too, with 11 turnovers to Maryland's 10. The points off turnovers were an even 10-10, which speaks again to the similar quality of the two teams.


Maryland: 31.25 ORB% // Iowa: 27.8 ORB% // National average: 30 ORB%

Another slight edge for Maryland: The Terps and Hawkeyes each had 10 offensive boards, but Maryland's came on fewer misses from the field to give the Terps slightly more efficient standing here. Neither team set the world on fire, and neither team was totally embarrassed on its defensive glass. For the Terps, that's a fine change of pace.

Free throw attempts

Maryland: 0.397 FTA/FGA // Iowa: 0.238 FTA/FGA // National average: 0.367 FTA/FGA

Here's where Maryland really made hay. The Terps got to the line 23 times to Iowa's 15, and they parlayed that eight-attempt difference into a 7-point edge at the foul line. Context matters, as six of Maryland's 16 made foul shots came in the final 25 seconds when Iowa deliberately put the Terps on the stripe. But the Terps get credit for making them, anyway, and particularly for charging to the line in the second half. The Terps took one free throw in the first 20 minutes, then 22 in the last 20 minutes. Meanwhile, Iowa's attempts went from nine to six.