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Photo gallery: Maryland basketball's overtime win vs. Northwestern

Maryland's win against the Wildcats, captured in still form.

Editor's note, from Alex Kirshner:

Thanks to Sung-Min Kim for again brilliantly capturing a Maryland basketball game in still form, this time the Terps' overtime win against Northwestern on Tuesday night. It was an oddly tense and emotional night inside Xfinity Center, and Sung-Min gives us a better sense of it than anybody.

It's worth noting here that Sung-Min takes a lot of pictures and has one of the better Instagram accounts around these days, and he's recently had his work picked up at The Washington Post and elsewhere. If you're looking for a good person who takes good pictures, this is your guy.

Anyway, enjoy the photographs. I wrote several thousand words about this game, but Sung-Min probably tells a better story with these 46 images. If a picture is really worth a thousand words, this photo gallery is worth approximately 46,000 words. Thanks for reading and flipping along with us.