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Maryland basketball had its worst rebounding performance of the season against Northwestern

The advanced stats don't paint a pretty picture of the Terps' overtime win.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland men's basketball finished its season series against Northwestern undefeated, but just barely. The Terps needed overtime to dispatch the Wildcats, 62-56, at Xfinity Center Tuesday after blowing them out of their own gym back in December, and it wasn't pretty.

Turnovers and poor rebounding kept Northwestern in the game, and almost cost the Terps a win. However, Maryland clamped down on defense and Melo Trimble scored 18 points on 8-of-18 shooting to bring home the victory.

Here's how Maryland fared in the "four factors" of team efficiency: shooting (effective field goal percentage), turnovers (turnover percentage), offensive rebounds (offensive rebounding percentage) and free throws (free throws per field goal).


Maryland: 47.9 eFG% / Northwestern: 39.2 eFG% / National average: 49.6 eFG%

The Terps had their second-worst eFG% of the season Tuesday, as a 7-for-22 second half helped Maryland let Northwestern back in to force overtime. The Terps were cold from downtown again, shooting 4-of-27 from three. 1-for-6 and 1-for-4 efforts from Melo Trimble and Jared Nickens didn't help, either. However, this was one of Maryland's best defensive games of the season, as Mark Turgeon noted afterward. Northwestern's 39.2 eFG% was only two points better than in the teams' first game of the season.


Maryland: 21.0 TOV% / Northwestern: 14.6 TOV% / National average: 18.5 TOV%

Turnovers have been a problem for Maryland all season, but this was the team's ugliest game so far in this department. The Terps' TOV% of 21 was the highest they've had in a single game this season, and helped give Northwestern additional chances early when the Wilcats were struggling to make shots. This was the kind of performance the Terps can't afford to have against a better team.


Maryland: 12.0 ORB% / Northwestern: 38.1 ORB% / National average: 30.1 ORB%

This was Maryland's worst performance on the offensive glass by a wide margin, as the Terps' 12 ORB% was their worst in a game this season by a full six points. Meanwhile, Northwestern's 38.1 ORB% was the worst Maryland has allowed this season and the second-best performance the Wildcats have had. That's right, UMass-Lowell rebounded better against Northwestern than Maryland did. Northwestern was clearly more aggressive on the glass, and although lucky bounces can explain a couple rebounds, they don't come close to explaining this disparity. This was an alarmingly bad game for Maryland.

Free throws

Maryland: .333 FT/FGA / Northwestern: .104 FT/FGA / National average: 36.6 FT/FGM

After struggling to get to the line of late, Maryland had it's best FT/FGA since Dec. 30 against Rutgers. What was a strength for the team at the beginning of the year has turned into a weakness for the Terps, but Tuesday was a bit of a return to form. Robert Carter Jr. and Diamond Stone combined to go 9-for-9 from the stripe Tuesday, accounting for over half of the team's free throws.

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