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Full photo gallery: Maryland basketball beats Penn State

Maryland beat Penn State, 70-64, on Wednesday. Here's what it looked like in photographs.

Oh, what a night.

Xfinity Center was packed, and not one person was quiet. In fact, all you could hear during the game was the sound of cheering, screaming and foot stomping. From the players, coaches and the fans.

I only have two words for you: Diamond Stone.

This kid is phenomenal; the way he plays is unique and incredible. Stone does not and would not let his team lose, and he cares so much that the passion he has is heartwarming. He pushed forward after a rough first half, broke free and dunked almost every shot he could, and the look on his face is priceless. Diamond's passion for the game is not one you can develop; you must be born with it. And he stole the show tonight.

However, without Melo Trimble's assists, hard work and sneaking passes for Stone behind his back, those 39 points would not have happened. These two bounce off each other. They have synergy.

The bench was most entertaining to watch. Though Varun Ram is always screaming and one of the teams greatest cheerleaders, Andrew Terrell is my favorite; he shows love for his teammates, waving his towel, jumping up, holding his breath and attacking them with hugs.

The game was too close for comfort, but what I got out of tonight was more than a score. I learned that this team is a band of brothers that truly love each other, and that they should be defined by more than just a score.