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Full photo gallery from DJ Durkin's first press conference as Maryland football head coach

Meet the press.

New Maryland football head coach DJ Durkin held an introductory press conference alongside athletic director Kevin Anderson on Thursday. Durkin was joined by his familyand also a couple dozen Maryland media members, fellow coaches, players and athletic department personnel. It was quite a scene, and we got pictures of it.

Durkin said a bunch of things at his press conference.

On recruiting:

"Recruiting is all about relationships and relationships are built through time, through adversity, you go through circumstances together. I just plan on starting from day one and just being consistent and continuing to build those relationships. I don't think there is anything magic thing to say to win everyone over. They are going to get consistent feedback from myself and my staff. They are going to get consistent effort on our end recruiting and evaluation. And they are going to get honest feedback and honest evaluation from us and just start to cultivate and continue to build those relationships. That is what it comes down to."

On winning in the Big Ten:

"I think the overall thing, no matter where you are, if I had the formula to figure this out all the time, 100 percent, be pretty darn good. I think you try to find guys that are competitive. I think that is the characteristic that carries over anything. Guys that are competitors, they find a way to get to the top. Whatever environment they are in, they are going to fight and scrap and somehow get to the top of that environment. Those are the types of guys we are looking for in this conference."

And plenty more here. But for now, enjoy some pictures.