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Maryland basketball is still shooting, but it's time to rebound better and cut down turnovers

The advanced stats review from Maryland's 87-67 win against Marshall.

Sung-Min Kim

The Maryland men's basketball team rolled over Marshall on Sunday to move to 11-1 before Big Ten play, and the story was a familiar one. The Terrapins shot extraordinarily well from the field but were mediocre on the glass and turned the ball over more than they should've. Unusually, they barely got to the foul line.

Here's how Maryland fared across the "four factors" in team efficiency: effective field goal percentage (eFG%), turnover percentage (TOV%), offensive rebounding percentage (ORB%) and free throw attempts per field goal attempt (FT/FGA).


Maryland: 61.4 eFG% / Marshall: 39 eFG% / National average: 49.5 eFG%

Non-conference play might cloud it a little bit, but Maryland's shooting excellence through 12 games has been fairly remarkable. The Terps just hum along making about half their shots (52 percent on Sunday) with enough 3-point-shooting prowess to bump their efficiency numbers to consistently excellent heights. That held up against Marshall, with Maryland going 13 of 27 (48 percent) on triples.


Maryland: 20.6 TOV% / Marshall: 13.8 TOV% / National average: 18.6 TOV%

This part was ugly. Maryland continues to turn the ball over too much, with a seasonal 20 percent turnover rate now. That's No. 267 in the country, and it's the kind of problem that will cost Maryland a few close games if it persists too deep into Big Ten play. It doesn't matter against Marshall, but it sure could against Purdue or Michigan State.

Offensive rebounding

Maryland: 30 ORB% / Marshall: 26.1 ORB % / National average: 30.3 ORB%

It'd be nice to see Maryland excel more on the glass. The raw rebounding numbers from Sunday are worthless, because Marshall missed 50 shots from the field to Maryland's 22. But Maryland, as one of the country's biggest teams, should be doing better than grabbing three in 10 offensive rebounds on its own floor against a Conference USA opponent.

Free throw attempts

Maryland: .091 FT/FGA / Marshall: .091 FT/FGA / National average: 0.364 FT/FGA

The referees on Sunday were in clear "let the boys play" mode from the outset. The game featured a total of 17 free throws across 40 minutes, which is easily the lowest total in a Maryland game this season and less than Maryland has taken on its own in all but three other games.

For a detailed accounting of Maryland's advanced-stats efforts in every game so far, go here.