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Full photo gallery: Maryland men's basketball beats Marshall

Maryland's win against Marshall, captured in photos.

Editor's note, by Alex Kirshner:

The Maryland men's basketball team beat Marshall on Sunday evening to move to 11-1 for the season, and we made sure to capture it all in photographs.

Maryland announced a sellout crowd, and the scene inside Xfinity Center was impressive for a non-conference game against a Conference USA opponent with which Maryland has little familiarity. It was the Terps' sixth announced sellout of the increasingly less young season, a trend that should continue as the program moves into Big Ten play.

We had a good friend, Sung-Min Kim, take photographs of the game. Sung-Min claims this was his first ever experience shooting a basketball game, which we can pretty definitively say is a lie, because his work is outstanding. Make sure to follow SMK on Twitter here and keep checking back for his work, which will appear periodically here going forward. He's very, very good at this, and we're lucky to have him.