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Maryland basketball's rebounding needs to be much better than it was vs. UMES

The Terps won easily, but there were cracks in their performance.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Maryland men's basketball team beat UMES by 21 points on Saturday, but it wasn't nearly the Terps' best work. They got out-rebounded on their own floor against a now-1-9 team with nobody taller than 6'8 in its rotation.

"We got out-rebounded by Maryland Eastern Shore, so," Mark Turgeon said after the game.

It's the kind of comment that can stand alone.

Here's a review based on the "four factors" that key team efficiency: effective field goal percentage (eFG%), turnover percentage (TOV%), offensive rebounding percentage (ORB%) and free throw attempts per field goal attempt (FT/FGA).


Maryland: 62.3 eFG% / UMES 39.3 eFG% / National average: 49.3 eFG%

No problems here, at least not really. Maryland was cold for most of the first half, but the Terps scored more down the stretch and wound up posting a shooting rate slightly better than their seasonal total of 60.6 percent effective shooting, which is No. 3 in college basketball. As Maryland's shooting got better, the Hawks' got worse.


Maryland: 15.3 TOV% / UMES 18.1 TOV% / National average: 18.7 TOV%

There's not much going on here, either. Maryland continues to neither force nor give up turnovers at a noteworthy rate. It'd be nice to see some steals against a team like UMES, but ball security has been a relative strength of that team's.

Offensive rebounding

Maryland: 19 ORB% / UMES 24 ORB% / National average: 30.3 ORB%

This is the one thing that bothered Maryland, and as well it should. UMES is a small team, yet Maryland's offensive rebound was cut in half from what it was on a neutral court against much bigger Connecticut last Tuesday, when Maryland recouped four out of every 10 missed shots. The Hawks wound up with a 6-4 offensive rebounding edge and a 23-23 split overall. That's not egregious because Maryland missed fewer shots and the defense has a built-in rebounding advantage, but it's still hugely underwhelming. It won't work against Purdue or Michigan State.

Free throw attempts

Maryland: .467 FT/FGA / UMES: .140 FT/FGA / National average: 0.366 FT/FGA

Maryland kept getting to one of its core strengths, which is finding the foul line. The Terps were 21 of 24 at the stripe, their third straight game of scoring at least 20 points from Melo Trimble's second home. They also didn't do much fouling on defense.

For a detailed accounting of Maryland's advanced-stats efforts in every game so far, go here.