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Scenes from Maryland's exhibition basketball game vs. Southern New Hampshire

A photo essay from Maryland's exhibition opener on Friday night.

I've always loved men's basketball, and I think of the players as stars. So does every other Terp at the University of Maryland. Whenever you see Melo Trimble, you ask for a picture with him. When you see Diamond Stone, you take out your cell phone and take a Snapchat. But when they're playing basketball, they're just people doing their jobs.

This is a basketball team, one where many of the players are unbelievably talented. Some of them may even sport NBA jerseys one day. However, besides being a basketball team, these kids are family. These are players that joined together from all over the world, and they all love each other. You can see it when they look at each other, or even before the game, when all of them joined in a team huddle full of laughs and jumps.

This game was hyped up and energized. Though just an exhibition, fans filled the seats, and I can't remember a silent moment. Screaming, jumping and cheering, as well as the Mighty Sound of Maryland, filled the huge arena. As one who has been at football games, volleyball games and other Maryland sporting events, this was by far the largest, most energized crowd I have ever witnessed. I can't even imagine what the regular season will bring.

Diamond Stone is by far my favorite player to watch. The kid is full of energy and enthusiasm. He is extremely talented, and it only took him 17 minutes to do the damage that he did Friday night. I also love watching Michal Cekovsky. The Slovakian big man works hard and knows how to play a good game. His determination is inspiring, and so is his height. Do you know how many shelves he can reach? Man, I wish I was 7'1. I wouldn't need another step stool in my life.