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Maryland basketball film review: What's working – and what isn't – for the Terps

Inside Maryland's last game.

Maryland had many of the same problems it faced against Georgetown linger into its next game against Rider.

The Terps won narrowly, 65-58, in what was a one-point game with a minute and nine seconds to go against an opponent they were favored by 20 points to win.

The 1-3-1 defense from Rider hurt Maryland early, forcing turnovers from all of is guards and wings, and the Broncs succeeded in making Maryland's weaker shooters release the ball outside their comfort zones.

Maryland was able to hold on due to some overall balanced play, spearheaded by Jake Layman's 11 rebounds in a double-double effort, Melo Trimble's 5 assists and Diamond Stone's 10 second-half points where he went 5 of 6 from the floor.

The Terrapins now head to Mexico to play Illinois State on Tuesday, and then Rhode Island or TCU on Wednesday. The team needs to improve on its recurring flaws to avoid from an early season upset, like we've seen with George Washington over No. 6 Virginia and Northern Iowa over No. 1 North Carolina.