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Shot Clock: Maryland basketball hosts Georgetown in early-season clash

A Q&A on the Hoyas with someone who knows them best.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Georgetown is rolling into College Park Tuesday for the first time since 1973.

The two schools enter the night at polar opposite confident levels. The Terrapins are sitting high coming off a big win against Mount St. Mary's, while the Hoyas come in fresh off a double-overtime loss at home to Radford.

We got in touch with Andrew Geiger of Casual Hoya, SB Nation's Georgetown outlet, to talk about how Georgetown will recover playing against the No. 3 team in the country on the road. Check out our end of this exchange over there, too.

Testudo Times: So, do you want to explain Radford? I'll leave you ample space.

Andrew Geiger: Do I have a choice here? Here's the explanation: John Thompson III specifically told what might be his most talented group in years to go out there against one of the worst teams in the Big South and look like you have never played basketball before, just so Mark Turgeon has nothing to work off of on film and the Maryland players think this game is going to be a cakewalk. Kind of a rope-a-dope thing. Does that makes sense?

Please God let the above be true.

How does Georgetown recover from that loss?

Well, the first step would be by defeating Maryland, of course. That would turn everything around real fast.Thing is, Georgetown often plays to the level of its competition, so maybe the Hoyas did take Radford for granted to some extent and the real version of the team shows up in College Park.

If that doesn't happen, there's always booze.

What are you expecting out of D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera?

I expect DSR to be the leader on the floor for this team and be the guy with the ball in his hands (and taking the last shot) when it matters most. In a way, that's what made the Radford game really infuriating - the Hoyas had a chance to win it at the end of regulation and the first OT and DSR passed the ball. Good looks, no doubt, but still.  opefully he learns from that and becomes a cold-blooded beast down the stretch moving forward.

What are Maryland's weaknesses and how will Georgetown exploit them?

I think Maryland's biggest weakness right now (inasmuch as the third-ranked team in the country can have a weakness after one damn game) is that the team is still gelling. New players still trying to figure out roles while the coaching staff tinkers with minutes and rotations is hopefully something the Hoyas can take advantage of.

Who'll be the hardest Terrapin to guard?

Whichever one has the ball! Seriously, the Hoyas defense against Radford was woeful and appalling, so any Terp that has the ball should be pressured early and often. Melo Trimble is the obvious candidate here, as if the Radford guards could get to the hoop at will against the Hoyas I shudder to think what an All-America level player can do. Diamond Stone comes with a lot of hype, but my guess is that he's still probably too raw to rise to the level of hardest to guard. I think. I hope.

Hardest Hoya to guard?

DSR is our best player, but I don't think he's the hardest to guard. That honor should go to sophomore forward Isaac Copeland, who can play from all over the floor and can score from anywhere. He didn't against Radford, of course, but whatever.

Freshman expected to make the most immediate impact for the Hoyas?

This freshman class won't wow from the standpoint of top-ranked eventual superstars, but all should contribute this season.  Forward Marcus Derrickson is a stretch four who started in the opener, 7-foot center Jessie Govan has range out to the three point line and will play big minutes right away, and guard Kaleb Johnson is a defensive stopper in the mold of recent graduate Jabril Trawick. All will contribute this season, and most immediately you'll see an impact from Derrickson and Govan.

Will Georgetown be a ranked team at any point this season?

Before Saturday I would have said absolutely. Now I might say probably not. Talk to me on Wednesday morning.

What are your predictions as to where the Hoyas will finish in conference/in the tournament.

The non-conference schedule is brutal. After you goobers, the Hoyas have Wisconsin and then Duke or VCU at MSG, plus games against Syracuse (home) and UConn (away).  I mention this because my hope is that it truly prepares this team for games in the Big East, which I think is a winnable conference. Again, everything is cloudy after that effort against Radford, but assuming it was a blip and not the norm, the Hoyas should be right there in March in the top flight of the Big East. As far as the Dance goes, we need to make the second weekend of the Tournament or else the fanbase will light itself on fire.

How do you think fans will travel from D.C. to College Park?

Metro? Cars? Whichever method of transportation it is they will travel Under the Grace of God as they will be pilgrims in an unholy land.

Game score prediction:

Hoyas 74 - Terps 71. Shock the world and stuff!

Georgetown football vs. Maryland football, who wins?

Yeah, this football thing has been a problem for you, hasn't it? Not sure why Maryland hasn't turned the association with Under Armour into something similar with what Oregon has done with Nike, but perhaps getting a new coach with a fun, high-flying system that will get more talent would be a good first step.

How many times have you listened to Justin Bieber's new album Purpose? Is it too late now to say sorry... yep, I've got it on full blast as I'm typing.

You have issues, my dude.

Disprove some of Georgetown's stereotypes.

What are some of the main ones, like popped collars and such? We wear that stuff with pride.

Do you guys go to that cupcake place all the freakin' time? I'd live there.

Cupcakes are so like 2013 at this point.  I'll tell you what, if Georgetown wins, you will send me a dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake and if Maryland wins I will send you nothing. Deal?

Wait President Obama was at Georgetown a few months ago. How was that?

Methinks you have listened to way too much Bieber. Obama was at the triumphant Georgetown victory over Duke back in 2010, which was definitely a causal thing.

My sources tell me that he may make an appearance at the game against Syracuse, though it's important to note that my sources are idiots.