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Want to see a Maryland basketball game this year? It'll cost you.

Maryland basketball tickets are going for an average of $71 on secondary markets, up from $49 at this time last season, according to a new market analysis.

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Demand for Maryland men's basketball tickets on secondary markets this season is up 44 percent over demand this time last year, according to research done by ticket market aggregator SeatGeek.

The average cost of a Maryland ticket this season on the secondary market is $71, up from a $49 average resale price this time last year. The overall secondary market activity on Maryland tickets has more than tripled from a season ago, company content analyst Chris Leyden said. SeatGeek's findings come from an aggregation of different secondary markets.

"I know Maryland finished really strong," Leyden said. "But at beginning of the season, expectations weren't that high. Compare it to this year, I was just reading's predictions, and they've got 10 people picking Maryland to win the title. Expectations are certainly through the roof for the Terps. I think that makes sense. The demand will go up. Expectations create higher demand, which creates higher prices."

By SeatGeek's collection, four Maryland home games feature current average ticket resale costs of more than $120:

  • Ohio State at Maryland, Jan. 16: $138
  • Michigan at Maryland, Feb. 21: $134
  • Georgetown at Maryland, Nov. 17: $127
  • Wisconsin at Maryland Feb. 13: $127

"I definitely think Maryland is one of, if not the most, active secondary markets we've seen this year, in terms of the number of transactions," Leyden said. "And that makes a lot of sense."

Leyden, who happens to be a Maryland alumnus, said ranking out every team in college basketball wasn't especially practical because of variance in the secondary market sizes for different schools, as well as venue sizes. He noted that Duke, which plays in tiny Cameron Indoor Stadium, has an average secondary resale value of more than $200.

Indiana, a Big Ten school that, like Maryland, has giant expectations for 2015-16, is currently drawing an $80 average resale value, Leyden said. Bloomington's Assembly Hall and Maryland's Xfinity Center both can seat a bit more than 17,000 patrons.

"These Big Ten games are a hot ticket to get," Leyden said. "Everybody wants to be at these basketball games."

Out-of-conference games, with the exception of Georgetown's Nov. 17 visit, are generally going for far less value.