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Maryland women’s soccer goalie Andi Wenck will turn to her passion of film after this season

The redshirt junior is putting down her cleats and picking up a camera after this season ends.


Goalkeeper Andi Wenck’s career path is much different than anyone else’s on the Maryland women’s soccer team. A broadcast journalism major, the redshirt junior can be frequently spotted around campus with a camera in her hand.

She has made a number of videos this season for the team, one of which even got retweeted by the NCAA Soccer account on Twitter, and was a video intern for D.C. United over the summer.

“I’m doing creative video production for sports highlights,” Wenck said. “One thing I haven’t mastered is being in front of the camera. That’s something I’d really like to foster and I think it would just add to my repertoire.”

But on Sunday, Wenck was somewhere else — starting in goal for the first time in her career on the team’s senior day.

Following her freshman year at Kansas State in 2016, Wenck transferred to Maryland and joined as walk-on.

Before Maryland, Wenck grew up on a farm in Waterford, Wisconsin, far away from a place like College Park. The change of pace has played a role in the redshirt junior’s college career, but she has never strayed from her roots.

“[The Wencks] are farmers and it’s all about work ethic,” head coach Ray Leone said. “You can see that in Andi.”

The goalkeeper described her new life as a “culture shock,” but the relationships she has built by stepping outside her comfort zone has been life-changing. One of those bonds Wenck struck is with senior goalkeeper Erin Seppi.

“Me and Andi have been side-by-side since I got here,” Seppi said. “She is definitely one of the most hardworking people on the team.”

Seppi and Wenck play for just one position on the field, but support each other through each and every practice and game.

“They developed a special relationship that’s unusual for people competing for one spot,” Leone said. “I think that’s what a good teammate is.”

Senior day was no different in the theme of friendship when Wenck was named starter over Seppi just before the game. Wenck, who had appeared in just one game in her four years on the team, earned her spot in goal for the matchup against Minnesota.

“[Leone] shared the starting lineup with us and immediately tears just rolled down my face,” Wenck said. “The first thing I could say is thank you to everyone, especially Seppi, class act.”

Wenck notched one save in her time on the field and received a loud ovation from her visiting family as she exited the box for a final time.

She’ll hang up her cleats one last time at the end of the 2019 season, but the relationships will never fade. Wenck’s skills behind the camera have given her memories to last a lifetime, and her future career will only create more.

“The gloves fit me nice,” Wenck said. “But being behind the camera is really where I belong.”