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Maryland women’s soccer defeated by Georgia in 5-0 blowout

The Terps lose their second consecutive game by at least four goals.

Lila Bromberg / Testudo Times

A one goal lead turned into a blowout fast for Georgia, putting up two goals within three minutes in the second half against Maryland women’s soccer Sunday.

Midfielder Daniella Murguia assisted on both goals to put the game out of reach for the Terps. On a touch in the box, Murguia found Abby Boyan who, locked with a defender, dribbled her way free and skipped a low ball past goalkeeper Erin Seppi for the score.

The dagger came only 120 seconds later, as Murguia crossed a ball to a wide open Delaney Erwin, who finessed her way to a long goal. The Terps couldn’t mount a comeback after that and also allowed the Bulldogs two more scores, eventually falling 5-0 in its second consecutive loss by at least four goals.

The Terps were on the wrong side of the ball all weekend, putting up a combined 20 shots in back-to-back losses to Auburn and Georgia in the Bulldog Classic. After attempting 44 shots in its first two games, Maryland’s attack went cold, failing to score once in 180 minutes of gameplay.

Maryland tallied two shots in the first half, compared to Georgia’s six. The Terps managed to add seven more shots in the final period of play, but none found the back of the net.

Forward Reagan Glisson, the Bulldogs’ 2018 leading scorer, netted the game’s first goal in the 21st minute on a header shot off one of Georgia’s three corner kicks. Locked up with her defender, the junior controlled her position in the box, taking advantage of a miscommunication by Seppi and the defense.

On the Terps’ attack, there seemed to be a lack of opportunities compared to their first two wins. In Friday’s matchup against Auburn, Maryland only had one corner kick which couldn’t find the back of the net. Sunday was no different, tallying two shots from the corner in the contest.

Now 2-2 on the year, Maryland heads home for the first of four remaining games until conference play — three of which will be played at Ludwig.

Three Things to know

  1. The Terps haven’t won on the road since Sept. 2017 — After getting swept over the weekend in Georgia, the Terps extend their losing streak to 15 games on the road. The two wins this season both came at home, as did all the 2018 victories. Maryland has seven more away games this season, six of which are against Big Ten opponents.
  2. Maryland couldn’t find its groove on offense — Maryland controlled the ball for most of the first two games of the season, averaging 22 shots in each contest. With nine shots against Georgia and 11 total against Auburn, the Terps have lost some of their firepower on the attack, turning into a defensive heavy team heading into next week’s games.
  3. Maryland has failed to answer this season — When the Terps have gone down this season, they’ve failed to come back, making the rest of the game long and painful for those on and off the field. The team played up in both games to start the year, but against SEC opponents, Maryland went down early and continued to fall apart as the clock ticked towards zero.