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In a movie about Maryland men’s lacrosse, who would the Terps cast as themselves?

Asking the fun questions ahead of championship weekend.

Alex Littlehales

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Maryland can win its first men’s lacrosse championship in 42 years this weekend. The Terps’ first roadblock comes against Denver on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. ET in the NCAA Semifinals, a rematch of the 2015 national title game.

A win gives top-seeded Maryland a chance to play either No. 3 Ohio State or Towson for the title on Monday. The Terps have been answering the usual array of questions about the championship drought, this specific matchup and the atmosphere surrounding the team.

“We don’t really focus on that sort of stuff. We sort of take it on a yearly basis,” junior midfielder Connor Kelly said after Friday morning’s walk-through at Gillette Stadium. “We’ve got a whole new team, a whole new experience, we’re just really excited to be here. But we’re definitely not satisfied”

After the Terps’ open practice Friday morning, I got a chance to interview senior attackman Matt Rambo, senior midfielder Isaiah Davis-Allen, junior midfielder Connor Kelly and sophomore long-pole Nick Brozowski about anything I wanted.

Here at Testudo Times, we pride ourselves on asking the hard-hitting questions.

If there was a major motion picture about Maryland men’s lacrosse, who would you want starring yourself?

Brozowski: Oh man, that’s a tough one. I’d definitely be Bradley Cooper. We’ve got the best of the best in the casting. I loved him in The Hangover. I personally think I’m a pretty funny guy; I think he’s funny and great looking, gotta admit.

Davis-Allen: Probably Will Smith, if I had to pick one. I’m serious when I have to be when playing, but off the field I like smiling.

Rambo: Leo DiCaprio. Love that guy.

Kelly said his pick would be Brad Pitt, and so far, this is shaping up to be the most expensive movie casting ever.

You win the lottery tomorrow, what’s the first thing you buy?

Davis-Allen: Buy a motorcycle. Motorcycles have always been a big part of my dad’s side of the family, my grandfather has motorcycles engraved on his tombstone.

Kelly: Win the lottery? Buy an island.

Speaking of islands...

You’re stuck on an island with one of your teammates for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Kelly: Ben Chisolm, he’s a country boy. He knows how to survive out there.

Davis-Allen: I’d probably pick Ben Chisolm. Ben’s a little bit of a country guy. He knows how to hunt and do that stuff.

Rambo: Probably Heacock, we have a good little connection. He’s my best friend here, it’d never get boring, he’s crazy.

If you were on a road trip and could pick one of your teammates and anyone in the world, who would it be?

Rambo: [Colin] Heacock would be fun to road trip with because we’re such good friends. Also I’d like to road trip with Dylan Maltz. He’s awesome, he’s full of surprises and he’s like my brother here. Anyone in the world? Probably Jennifer Aniston. I love her, great actress, she’s beautiful too.

Davis-Allen: Ooh, a road trip. I’d probably pick Kodak Black and James Bull.

Brozowski: Connor Kelly; we joke around a lot, mess around a lot, it’d just be funny. And Tom Brady, gotta bring Tom Brady, big Pats fan.

Kelly: Maybe Heacock, and someone random? Probably 2 Chainz.

Brozowski takes Kelly, and Kelly would take Heacock. Talk it over, guys.

Who would win in an arm wrestling competition?

Brozowski: Out of everyone? Colin Heacock, kid is huge.

Davis-Allen: Definitely [Curtis] Corley, he’s one of the stronger guys. I think [Colin] Heacock, [Tim] Muller and Bryce [Young] come in close second, third and fourth.

Maryland will look to flex its muscles this weekend in the same jersey it’s been wearing since the season finale against Johns Hopkins.

The team has worn the same white retro uniform for its last five games, and it hasn’t lost in them yet.

“It’s something that these seniors talked about, something all of us wanted to wear,” Davis-Allen said. “It’s partially because of the whole luck thing, but it’s also because we like them and it’s a cool little throwback.”

And at the end of the weekend, the Terps will try to party like it’s 1975.