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Watch this Maryland softball player’s move to win at musical chairs

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

Musical chairs is one of those games that doesn’t seem serious until you’re in the moment. Nobody wants the humiliation of being the one person without a seat, sauntering away in defeat. It’s a game of survival, really.

Here’s how Maryland softball’s pre-Thanksgiving musical chairs tournament concluded on Monday:

Kufta, a sophomore shortstop who led the Terps with six homers and 26 RBIs in the spring, was in horrible position when the music stopped. But rather than concede to her opponent, who was already starting to sit down, Kufta made her own position, moving the chair out of the way. It’s the kind of never-say-die attitude that Maryland can’t get enough of.

Musical chairs savagery is becoming somewhat of a trend in College Park. Just last weekend, this happened at Maryland basketball’s home opener.

In other news

Maryland women’s basketball steamrolled Howard in a 62-point victory.

The football team hasn’t done enough winning to qualify for a bowl, but there’s still technically a chance for the Terps to make the postseason.

They’ll have to do it without Josh Woods, who’s out with a rib injury on senior day.

In better news, Maryland wrestling has its first-ever Big Ten Wrestler of the Week in junior heavyweight Youssif Hemida.

Here’s a Diamondback feature on Maryland volleyball’s Jada Gardner, whose uncle is former Duke star and NBA veteran Shane Battier but decided to forge her own path in College Park.