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Maryland men’s soccer scores late, beats Ohio State 1-0

An 85th-minute goal gives Maryland a close win.

Matthew Regan

After Maryland’s first 21 shots couldn’t find the back of the net against Ohio State, forward Sebastian Elney finally gave the Terps a lead in the 85th minute on the road against the Buckeyes.

The backline tightened up in the final five minutes, narrowly holding on for a late 1-0 win in Columbus to stay unbeaten this season. While Maryland came away victorious, it left many previous chances unfinished throughout the match.

The Terps were 3-for-3 on penalty kick attempts this season before Gordon Wild was taken down in the box against the Buckeyes. A yellow card was awarded to Ohio State defender Niall Logue, and Wild stepped up to the penalty spot looking to give the Terps a lead in the 60th minute.

Wild’s shot was hard and low, but Ohio State goalkeeper Parker Siegfried made a diving save for his seventh stop of the night, momentarily preserving the 0-0 tie.

The Buckeyes made another crucial error less than 10 minutes later, fouling George Campbell in the box to give the Terps another penalty chances. This time, though, midfielder Eryk Williamson was given the opportunity to open the scoring. Siegfried dove to his left, but Williamson’s slow shot down the middle met the leg of the keeper for another penalty miss.

After scoring three goals in back-to-back games, Maryland was up against a Buckeyes backline that had allowed just five goals at home this season.

The Terps controlled the possession in the first half, but both teams had chances to take a lead. Five of Maryland eight shots in the first 45 minutes were put on net, but Ohio State’s goalkeeper Parker Siegfried saved all five to preserve a scoreless tie. Substitute DJ Reeves had a pair of the Terps’ best offensive chances, but both of his first-half shots inside the box were kept out of the net.

While Maryland made methodical passes leading to attacks, the Buckeyes used fast-paced counter-attacks to try to catch the Terps off-guard. To the Terps’ pleasure, all four of Ohio State’s first-half shots missed the frame, allowing goalie Dayne St. Clair to have a peaceful first 45 minutes in net.

Three Maryland substitutes—Reeves, Ohio native Eli Crognale and Jorge Calix—accounted for half of the Terps’ first half shots. Freshman Eric Matzelevich also received playing time in the first 45 minutes.

Maryland outshot the Buckeyes 15-5 in the second half, but similar to other matches this season, the Terps left many chances unfinished inside the box. Ohio State continued to pressure the backline on strong counter-attacks, but Campbell made a pair of incredible blocks inside the box to prevent shots on goal.

Midfielder Jake Rozhansky slipped a pass in front of net for his team-leading seventh assist of the season with just minutes left, thanks to Elney’s clutch finish. The Terps have now gone unbeaten in their last 29 regular season matches.

Maryland (9-0-3) will have almost an entire week to rest before its next game, heading to Wisconsin next week at 7 p.m. ET.

Three things to know

  1. Parker Siegfried almost “saved” Ohio State from defeat. The redshirt sophomore goalkeeper was the best player on the field Friday night in Columbus. He made 11 saves, but his most two important stops came on two penalty kicks. Gordon Wild was 2-for-2 and Amar Sejdic was 1-for-1 on penalty kicks heading into the match, but Wild and Williamson both missed each of their chances. Siegfried made a handful of other diving saves, too. Against an average goalie, the Terps could’ve won this game by at least three goals.
  2. After two good offensive games, the Terps left many chances unfinished. The Terps scored six goals in the past two games after scoring six in the previous seven, so it looked like Maryland had figured something out. But against Ohio State, Maryland had no goals in its first 21 shots of the night. The Terps finished with 23 shots, but just the one goal. Elney’s fourth goal of the season gave Maryland a win it deserved to win because of its shot totals, but arguably deserved to lose because of its poor finishing in the attacking third.
  3. Maryland has just one regular season road match left. The Terps have five regular season matches left this season, but only one game left on the road. Maryland will travel to play Wisconsin next week before playing its last four matches at Ludwig Field to end the regular season. The Badgers and Terps traded two goals each in regulation, but Eryk Williamson’s golden-goal from a DJ Reeves assist gave the Terps an overtime win.