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Maryland women’s soccer loses at home to Ohio State, 2-0

The Terps now haven’t scored in the last three games.

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Maryland women’s soccer’s losing streak extended to four Thursday night, as No. 12 Ohio State defeated the Terps in College Park, 2-0.

After missing three games, both Jlon Flippens and Gi Krstec returned, with the former playing 90 minutes in the starting lineup. While each player’s return showed in Maryland’s competitiveness, it wasn’t enough to defeat the Buckeyes.

Once again, Maryland fell behind early in the first half. Ohio State capitalized on a loose ball in front of the Terps’ net, as Eleanor Gabriel buried the ball past Rachel Egyed. While the Terps defense played better than last game, the unit failed to locate the ball after an Ohio State header, leading to the goal.

Ohio State took control of the first half, but Maryland hung in tough. The Terps entered halftime despite being held shotless for the first 44 minutes of play, yet held the Buckeyes to only three shots on goal.

Maryland went into halftime just down a goal, but its only shot came off a free kick as time expired. While Flippens’ addition to the lineup made a visual difference, the offense struggled to create scoring opportunities.

The second half opened with Maryland continuing to play Ohio State tight. The Terps defense looked significantly improved from last week’s pair of games, and the offense started to gain more consistent play in the opposition’s zone.

However, the Terps couldn’t hold off Ohio State’s explosive offense. Gabriel struck again about 25 minutes into the second half, scoring on Maryland’s defense for the second time in the game.

From then on, Maryland gradually applied more pressure to Ohio State’s defense, but weren’t able to change the results. Ohio State’s strong defense lived up to its numbers, holding Maryland to just one shot on goal tonight.

The Terps did win the corner kick battle, earning three more than Ohio State, and the Buckeyes were called for seven more offsides. Still, Ohio State was simply better than Maryland, as the No. 12 team in the country expects to be.

Maryland’s back in action Sunday, as Penn State comes to town. The game will begin at 1 p.m. ET.

Three things to know

  1. Maryland’s scoring streak reaches three games. Specifically, it’s been 300 minutes of game time that Maryland hasn’t scored. Despite getting Flippens and Krstec back to the starting lineup, and looking improved in the process, Maryland’s offense couldn’t break Ohio State’s defense.
  2. Rachel Egyed was phenomenal, again. The Terps’ goalkeeper remains the most consistent performer on the team. Despite only recording three saves, she made her presence felt as the score could’ve been much worse without her. Similar to last season, she isn’t letting the team’s lack of offense influence her play in net.
  3. Maryland started to look healthy, again. With Maryland getting Flippens and Krstec back, Ray Leone was able to play his players in a much more favorable lineup. Many Terps have been forced to play in positions they don’t normally play, so as the team gets healthy they will move back into their normal positions.