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ouTTakes Podcast: Coach Brenda Frese

An exclusive interview with Maryland women’s basketball’s head coach.

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Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament - Championship Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

Welcome back to ouTTakes, a podcast that’s here to discuss Maryland sports from an inside perspective. Our goal of the podcast is to shine a different light on Terps sport figures and allow you to get to know them as people.

This time, we were joined by Maryland women’s basketball head coach Brenda Frese.

On this episode:

  • How has it been for Frese working from home, while also helping her kids with school?
  • Frese reflects on this past season and what made the 2019-20 group so special.
  • Frese discusses the importance of former assistant coach Shay Robinson and the disadvantages of searching for a new coach during a world pandemic.
  • What has it been like for Frese to recruit from home?
  • Is there a certain point in a players’ career when Frese realizes they have the talent for the WNBA?
  • What does Frese instill in the program, in terms of player development, to allow players to be so successful in the WNBA?
  • What has Frese told WNBA teams about her seniors making the jump to the next level?
  • What has it been like for Frese to see the women’s side of the game develop and grow?
  • How did Frese react to seeing LeBron James watch the Terps’ 2006 National Championship?
  • We end with a fun segment.

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